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<ol><li> 1. Theres nothing like a brand new pencil that will stir your imagination </li><li> 2. You can start with an old fashioned basic </li><li> 3. You could use one thats very soft and flows smoothly on the paper </li><li> 4. So many colors to choose from </li><li> 5. So many types to love </li><li> 6. How about metallic? </li><li> 7. Maybe an ink pencil? </li><li> 8. Something with a hard point? </li><li> 9. Lets say yes to tinted charcoal! </li><li> 10. Pick these basic shades to start </li><li> 11. After some time to practice, youll end up loving pencils </li><li> 12. So humbly expressing imaginations daily So much to love in a very small package </li><li> 13. Photography, drawing and production by Ellie Giannelli, 2014 </li></ol>