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  • 8/4/13 Man accused of molesting two young girls - South Florida,0,2342044.story 1/3

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    Hom e > News > Pem broke Pin es

    He did not believe in 'nudity censorship,' police said

    V IDEO: Ma n a ccu sed of m olest in g tw o y ou n g g ir ls

    By Wayne K. Roustan, Sun Sentinel 9:18 p.m. EDT, August 1, 2013

    Pembroke Pines man accused of molesting two young girls


    A Pembroke Pines man was arrested Wednesday and accused of molesting two young girls,

    police said.

    Wilson Stevens Hernandez, 49, is charged with 22 counts that include lewd and lascivious

    molestation of a child under 12, jail records showed.

    The molestations were ongoing between March and June in Pembroke Pines, police said, but

    the girls and their mother claimed they began nearly a year earlier, when they were living in

    Hialeah. It continued when the family moved to Miramar, the mother said.

    Hernandez, a member of the family, sometimes appeared

    naked in the presence of the mother and her 8- and 10-

    year-old daughters. He also would touch, kiss, smell and

    groom the girls' pubic areas with hair clippers when they

    were naked in the bathroom or bedroom after a shower,

    according to the arrest report.

    During interviews with police, the girls claimed he touched

    them sexually many times and that he overpowered them

    when they resisted. They said their mother sometimes

    witnessed the molestations, but was unable to prevent

    them because Hernandez overpowered her when she

    intervened, the report stated.

    Wilson Hernandez

    Wilson Hernandez

    7800 block of NW 3rd Street, Pembroke Pines, Florida



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  • 8/4/13 Man accused of molesting two young girls - South Florida,0,2342044.story 2/3

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    The mother told detectives that the four had shared a bed

    twice and that Hernandez had fondled the girls under their clothing. She also claimed that he

    had exposed an erection on more than one occasion. She said he explained to the girls that

    they had caused it, investigators wrote in the report.

    When police interviewed Hernandez, they said he admitted to smelling, touching and using

    electric clippers on the girls to make sure they were clean. He claimed they sometimes jumped

    on his face naked, so he kissed them out of love. Hernandez also said the girls grabbed his

    exposed crotch and were accustomed to seeing him that way, the investigative report stated.

    Hernandez denied touching or rubbing the girls' crotches, but told detectives that he told their

    mother he did not believe in "nudity censorship."

    Hernandez was being held without bond on nine of the 22 charges, jail records showed.

    [email protected] or 954-356-4303

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