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  • 1. Peer, Friends, and Dating

2. 6 Ways to Make People Like You Become genuinely interested in other people. Smile. Remember that a persons name is, to thatperson, the sweetest and most important sound inany language. Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk aboutthemselves. Talk in terms of the other persons interest. Make the other person feel important and do itsincerely. 3. Building Strong Friendships Good Friends: Reinforce your values Motivate you Show empathy Treat you with fairness Share your interests Accept you for who you are Support you Loyalty 4. Keep your Values Remember: Association brings assimilation In other words, your friendships and relationships link you towhat youll eventually adapt to and become. Pick your circle offriends strategically. Dont ever compromise your values. Even if your doing nothing against your values but you hangout with people who are going against your values, you will beassociated with them. 5. 3 Purposes of DatingMate SelectionSocialization SkillsRecreation 6. Set Limits in Dating! Why is it important to set limits? Avoid late hours Avoid bedrooms and closed doors Avoid being alone at home Dont park Avoid sexually explicit material Dont use drugs or alcohol Remember thoughts proceed actions Show true caring and respect for one another. 7. Qualities of an Unhealthy Relationship Controlling Manipulation Verbal insults Mean Language Put downs Physical Violence Isolation from family and friends Intimidation or threats 8. Assertive Refusal Skills State your positions: NO, firmly and simply Suggest Alternatives: Suggest another activity Stand your ground: Make it clear you meant what you said Remove yourself from the situation