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Pedodontics aka Pediatric Dentistry. Friendly Bright Open Creative Themes Cartoon Animals May have a quiet room. Open bay concept Allows ‘modeling’ Scared child can see cooperative child. Pediatric Dental Office. Pediatric Dental Office. General Dentist who specializes in treating: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Pedodonticsaka Pediatric Dentistry

  • Pediatric Dental OfficeFriendlyBright Open CreativeThemesCartoonAnimalsMay have a quiet room.

    Open bay concept

    Allows modelingScared child can see cooperative child

  • Pediatric Dental Office

  • PedodontistGeneral Dentist who specializes in treating:Children (0 12yrs)Natal teethNeo-natal teethMR/DD (mentally retarded / developmentally disabled)CMI (chronically-mentally ill)TBI (traumatic brain injury)

  • Behavior CharacteristicsNot all children (pts) mature or behave the same.Assistants have to be aware of:Chronological ageHow old you are.Emotional agePsychologicalDevelopmental Maturity levelHow old you act.FearSubjectiveBased on others opinion / experienceObjectiveBased on your own fear / experience

    Fears usually lead to behavior issues

  • Behavior ManagementPrimary focus of the Pedodontic DA

    Good Behavior = TxBad Behavior = No TxAnswer questions HonestlyDONT LIETalk to them @ their levelMr. thirsty (LVE)Squirt gun (tri-syringe)

    Tell, Show, DoVoice ControlDistractionNon-verbalFacial expressionBody languageModelingOpen bay conceptPositive reinforcement

  • Behavior ManagementGentle restraint.Hands in pocketsSit on handsLace fingers and holdArm over pt.Physical restraint of:ArmsLegsPapoose boardHOM (hand-over-mouth)Mild SedationConsciousN2OMedicationsVersed

    UnconsciousGeneral anesthesiaExtremely fearfulIssuesPhysicalEmotionalMedical

  • Preventive DentistryPrimary focus of the pedodontist.EducationExam / X-raysOHICoronal PolishSealantsFluorideMouth guardsSome orthodontics

  • Restorative DentistrySame as General DentistryAmalgamCompositeGlass ionomersSSCStainless Steel CrownSmall instrumentsShort shank burs5 X 5 rubber dam

    Fissureotomy burs

  • Restorative DentistryIndirect pulp treatment (aka indirect pulp capping)No pulp exposureCould be!Layer of dentin Some cariesPlace medication between pulp and restoration.Direct pulp cappingPinpoint exposure of the pulpChance for favorable response.Place medication between pulp and restoration.Medication = calcium hydroxide. (Dycal)Cross fingers.

  • Pulp cap

    Arrow is pointing at the medication between the pulp and the restoration.Pulp horn amalgam

  • PulpotomyPulp tissue is removed From the chamber onlyPrimary toothDeep cariesfractureAllows roots to reabsorb

    Permanent toothAllows for apexogenesis Root ends grow and develop

    SSCStainless Steel CrownsCheaper than PFM / PFG / FGCRestore functionChewingMaintain space.Protects tooth until exfoliation.No labFab chairside

  • Dental EmergenciesAvulsionAka avulsed toothTooth completely knocked / removed from the socket.Due to TRAUMA!Whole tooth, not fractured.Reimplant into socket and/orTake tooth and pt. to dentist

  • Dental EmergenciesTraumatic intrusionTooth is driven into the socket / bone.Due to traumaTake pt. to dentist.Tooth will re-eruptSplinted to adjacent teeth.

  • Displaced toothTooth moved from its normal position in the arch / socket

    Lingual displacement

    Facial displacement

  • Child AbuseDifferent typesPhysicalBruisesFlinching



    All health care providers are:Mandatory reportersMust report suspicious signs of abuse to:DentistState / city authoritiesSchoolCan be AnonymousError on the side of caution.

  • ConclusionWorking with children requires extra patience and skill.BFS are required at all timesYou have an unique opportunity to influence a persons beliefs about dentists and dental treatment for the rest of their life.Most adult fears of a dentist came from a childhood experience.Any questions?


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