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    W H E R E

    F E E L S

    L I K E

    3rd Edition

  • With more than 30 years of service to Acadiana, Womens & Childrens Hospital, a campus of The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana, has a long history of dedication to the health and well-being of our adults and children alike. We strive to provide the best healthcare no matter how unique the needs of our patients and to ful ll our mission: Meeting the healthcare needs of the families we serve with Quality, Excellence and Compassion!

    Our pediatric cancer program is celebrating seven years of service and has expanded with the opening of our new Cancer & Infusion Center. Providing IV therapy, chemotherapy, and other services, the center offers compassionate treatment close to home.

    We also support our young patients with efforts such as Beads of Courage, Monkey in My Chair, and Pet Therapy.

    Our dedicated team continues to expand. Since our last report, we have welcomed two new surgeons: pediatric surgeon Dr. Dee Garrett and pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ann Marie Flannery.

    Our core philosophy remains the same. We are dedicated to bringing comprehensive care exclusively to women and children. We have more pediatric and womens specialists than any other hospital in Acadiana. We also offer the only pediatric intensive care unit in our area and the only level-three, regional neonatal intensive care unit in Acadiana. Providing specialized care is our calling and it drives our day-to-day pursuit to be the healthcare provider of choice for our communities.

    I hope that you enjoy learning more about our pediatric hematology/oncology program as you read the following pages. We are proud of the excellence of the program and are thankful for the families and physicians who use our program to take care of our most precious resource our children.


    Kathy Bobbs, CEO






    Message From CEO

    Our Program & Services

    Program Statistics

    Physician Biographies




    On The Cover: Colorful beads from Beads of Courage. Each bead is a different color or shape and represents milestones, procedures, and acts of bravery during the childs medical journey. For more information on the program, see page 8.


  • MORADd o c t o r

    We treat the following diagnoses:

    ONCOLOGYLeukemias Brain Tumors Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Hodgkins Lymphoma Neuroblastoma Wilms Tumor Rhabdomyosarcoma Ewings Sarcoma Osteosarcoma Liver Tumors

    HEMATOLOGYAcquired and Hereditary Anemias Neutropenias Disorders of Leukocyte Function Histiocytic

    Disorders Thrombocytopenia Disorders Acquired & Hereditary Coagulation Abnormalities

    Abnormalities of Platelet Function

    From our opening day in September of 2007 through today, our pediatric hematology/oncology program continues to grow both in the skilled team of physicians and staff we built to the number of patients and the varying kinds of cancers treated. We have developed a fostering relationship with our community partners so that patients and their families experience complete care, right here in Acadiana without having to travel away from their built-in support systems.

    We have assembled a group of talented, multidisciplinary physicians, surgeons, nurses, and staff whose priority is to provide world-class care right here in our community. Dr. Garrett is widely recognized for her expertise in the area of minimally invasive surgery for pediatric patients. Dr. Ann Marie Flannery has expertise in the care of children with hydrocephalus, craniosynostosis, brain and spinal cord tumors, congenital spinal cord disorders, and traumatic brain injury. Dr. Falterman is widely regarded for his experience in the surgical removal of cancer.

    And our program continues to grow beyond from Lafayette Parish to now serve 15 parishes with a pediatric population of 300,000. Unfortunately, the number of new patients we treat has also grown, but our program has maintained its 95 percent survival rate since 2008. We continue to provide quality treatment for our children, right here at home in the arms of our caring staff and their own loving families.


    our children, right here at home in the arms of our caring staff and their own


  • Unlike other treatment centers, whenever we call or show up for our appointments, we see the same people each time we dont have to keep telling our story. Thats important. And Dr. Morad is amazing. He has a fabulous bedside manner. (Luke loves to come home and tell his grandfather the jokes hes learned from Dr. Morad.) Hes so good with kids hes kind of like part of our family.

    DAWN PAGE Mom of Luke, Age 5

    Going away for treatment would have kept us away from the comfort of home and the support of our family. On top of that, Dr. Morad is amazing. He draws diagrams for me. He takes the time to talk with our son about his interests and he even takes the time to talk to all our family members, answering their questions. During those rst few weeks, when emotions were running high, the Child Life Specialists made sure our son understood the diagnosis and brought a sense of normalcy to our situation.

    PEGGY BEARB Mom of Eddie Paul, Age 8

    Its really hard to hear that your child has cancer. Theres some denial and its hard to focus, but Dr. Morad understands that. He patiently shares everything with you and walks you through it. Robin, his nurse, created a special calendar for us and Janie (Child Life Specialist) always seems to show up exactly when we need her. They all go

    above and beyond!

    JODIE LIOTTA Mom of Kaley, Age 11

    When my son was rst diagnosed everybody kept telling me to go to another center out of state. So I did my research and learned that Dr. Morads program is the same as other national programs, but it lets us stay here at home. Plus, Timothys treatments dont have to be in a hospital now that the infusion therapy is right there in the

    same building. I wouldnt trade Dr. Morad for anything!

    KENNETHIA THOMASMom of Timothy, Age 12Mom of Timothy, Age 12

    It never gets easier to deliver bad news to the parents of the children I care for. These families are always heartbroken and afraid. Dr. Morad has made himself available to myself and my patients in these moments of need. His bedside manner is one of kindness and compassion. He answers questions for families and helps to reassure them in the most unsure of times. These families can now stay home and close to extended family to receive treatment we were unable to provide before Dr. Morads arrival in Lafayette. Dr. Morad is an irreplaceable asset to our community.

    FARRAH R. HUVAL, M.D.Lafayette

    Dr. Morad has been coming to our clinic for 5 years and

    has provided excellent care to our hematology and oncology patients. He is

    both a caring and compassionate physician that has been a valuable asset to our group.

    BRUCE M. THOMPSON, M.D.Lake Charles

    I have been very pleased with Dr. Morads care of our children with oncology and hematologic problems. His expertise and knowledge are unparalleled in his eld and in pediatrics in general. I feel Dr. Morad goes above and beyond expectation in his availability in taking transfers, accepting new onset emergencies, and just talking on the phone to me and worried parents.

    JOHN N. RHODES, M.D.Alexandria


  • Diagnosed patients have come from the following Parishes:

    Kids Specialty CenterCampus of Womens & Childrens Hospital

    4704 Ambassador Caffery PkwyLafayette, LA 70508

    Alexandria Clinic 501 Medical Center Drive

    Suite 4CAlexandria, LA 71301

    Lake Charles Clinic2903 1st Avenue

    Lake Charles, LA 70601




    Jefferson DavisLafayetteRapidesSt. LandrySt. MartinVermilionVernon





  • When it comes to patient care, our team of

    physicians and staff ensure that no child is ever

    treated like a number. But when it comes to our

    programs statistics, the numbers are excellent

    indicators of where we are and where weve been.



  • Statistics compiled : 1st seven years of program.

    Program officially active for 7 years

    94 pediatric cancer patients treated

    95 percent cure rate has been achieved

    Children have come from 14 parishes




    Taking place annually every fall, Celebrate

    Life! is an invitation-only event for

    pediatric hematology/oncology patients

    and their families hosted by Womens &

    Childrens Hospital and Dr. Ammar Morad

    of the Kids Specialty Center. This special event featuring

    games, family fun activities, and special presentations, is

    focused on recognizing these inspiring pediatric cancer

    and hematology patients.

    Monkey in My Chair is a national program for preschool and

    elementary-aged children who are away from school because

    of a cancer diagnosis. This program in which a large stuffed

    monkey sits in the patients chair when they are out of school

    whether for a day here and there or an extended period for

    treatment helps classmates understand what is going on and to

    help maintain the patients place in the classroom.

    whether for a day here and there or an extended period for

    treatment helps classmates understand what is going on and to



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