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  • 1. Facebook Fan referred his mom to us to apply NanoCoat to her 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible thismorning.In addition to protecting the paint we also coated theinterior leather and carpet with LUX Cockpit Protector.This Camaro will look like new for a long time!

2. We're still talking about the all new Victory Nano Coat,our latest creation.Here are a few pictures of a Cadillac STS-V that weapplied Victory Nano Coat to for durability testingpurposes.The application process was completed in less than 10minutes and the car immediately exposed to a severethunderstorm. After the downpours ended, we simplywiped the wet car down with a microfiber towel and thecar was clean and shining as the day the product wasapplied. 3. So what makes Victory Nano Coat so muchdifferent than other paint coating products? Firstoff it's super easy to apply. Just like most of ourproducts it's a simple spray on, rub in & wipe offwith a premium microfiber towel technique. 2nd bitof awesomeness is that it begins to cure instantlyon any solid surface. That means it can be used onany non-porous surface inside or outside of the car. 4. For More InfoVisit @