pearl waterless car wash- superior waterless car wash products is accepted worldwide

Pearl Waterless Car Wash- Superior Waterless Car Wash Products is Accepted Worldwide

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Pearl Waterless Car Wash- Superior Waterless Car Wash Products is Accepted Worldwide

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Pearl®   Waterless   Car   Wash  Advanced  Ultra  Nano      is   the   ul'mate   exterior   cleaning   and  detailing   solu'on:   clean,   refresh,  shine   and   protect   with   Nano   wax  technology.  A  totally  ground  breaking  Environmentally   Friendly   and   User  Friendly   waterless   car   wash   system  that  can  be  used  to  clean,  wax,  polish  and  Nano  protect  any  part  of  the  car,  motorcycle,  boat,  caravan  and  aircraG  exterior  surface,  delivering  a  premium  mirror-­‐gloss   finish   in   half   the   'me   of  conven'onal   waxing,   provides   UV  protec'on,   repe ls   water   and  minimises   dirt   build-­‐up.   Pearl®  Advanced  Ultra  Nano  Waterless  Wash  and   Wax   Car   Vale'ng   formula  completely   gives   you   the   waterless  freedom  to  clean  and  polish  your   full  car   exterior   any'me,   any   place   and  everywhere   the  waterless  green  way,  by   fully   nega'ng   the   use   of   water  without   compromising   on   achieving  the   ul'mate   showroom   finish   and  whilst  caring  for  our  environment.    

Have you ever wanted to market and sell your own private label brand of car care products? Does this sound like a difficult task to accomplish? Other manufacturers of waterless car wash and Eco car care products offer their brands as the only option when buying them to use or sell. Pearl Global offers a custom-branded waterless car wash product line. This allows you to market and sell your own private label brand on the outside, with the Pearl Waterless products on the inside and are available in bulk ready to use waterless car wash products and in super concentrate for maximum economy. The important part is that you have the great confidence for your business and your customers as you know that the products work very well and impresses everyone who uses them. Yes, you can still use Pearl registered trademarked branded label and you can even customize the Pearl Branded Label to your business colors, local language and style as well.

Pearl®  Waterless  Car  Wash  Professional      is  a  totally  ground  breaking  Environmentally  and   User   Friendly   waterless   car   wash   that  can   be   used   to   clean   and   highly   polish   any  part  of  the  car,  motorcyle,  boat  and  caravan  exterior   surfaces.   This   unique   pleasantly  fragranced  formula  enables  the  user  to  clean  and  polish   the  whole  car  exterior  anywhere  without   water   water   or   compromising   on  achieving   the   ul'mate   showroom   finish.  Pearl   Professional   Waterless   Car   Vale'ng  formula   completely   gives   you   the  waterless  freedom   to   clean   and   polish   your   full   car  exterior  any'me,  any  place  and  everywhere  the   waterless   green   way,   by   fully   nega'ng  the   use   of   water   without   compromising   on  achieving  the  ul'mate  showroom  finish  and  whilst  caring  for  our  environment.    

We have in-house graphic design people that can help you with your design, or you can hire a designer in your country/ city. This last option may be a better one at times, because of local laws, customs and traditions that must be considered. The costs of printing your labels in your local area may be much lower as well. Branding your own product li waterless car wash and eco-car care products is easy to do. We have helped dozens of companies do this from around the globe. Some of these companies have their own private label car care product line with the small Pearl logo on it. This can give a boost of credibility to a previously unknown brand.

Pearl®   Waterless   Car  Wash  Universal  cleaner      contains   premium   high-­‐quality  ingredients   perfect   for   all  interior   and   exterior   vehicle  cleaning   applica'ons.   Universal  quickly   and   effortlessly   cleans  stubborn   exterior   substances  such   as   brake   dust,   bird   lime,  ingrained   insects,   bugs,     moss,  grease  and  tar    from  paint,  glass,  plas'c,  alloy,  rubber,  conver'ble  fabric   hood   surfaces   and   engine  compartments   together   with  dirt,   dust   and   grease   from  interior   dash,   glass,   leather,  carpets,   fabric,   vinyl,   plas'c   and  wooden   surfaces.   Addi'onal  capabili'es   include   an'-­‐fogging  technology   ideal   for   cleaning  motorcycle   safety   helmet   visors  and   internal   helmet   fabric,  d e l i v e r i n g   a   s u p e r i o r  performance  and  finish.  

Please consider starting your own waterless car wash product line in your area. The business is fun, rewarding and can be very lucrative. The world’s water supply is not limitless and you can do your part to save millions of gallons of water, while running a fantastic business. The Pearl Waterless brand is recognized around the world as the leader in Eco car care products. We are here to help you with almost everything imaginable.

Pearl®  Waterless  Car  Wash  Eco  Mul:-­‐Trim    is   part   of   our   Eco   Friendly,   Environmentally  Friendly   and  User   Friendly   range   providing   a  water   based   superior   showroom   tyre   shine  finish  to  tyre  walls  by  cleaning,  refreshing  and    trea'ng.   Totally   non   greasy   formula  revitalises   the   lustre   and   the   appearance   of  the   tyre   and   seals   against   traffic   film,  moisture,   dust   and   providing   outstanding  water  resistancy.  Totally  free  from  petroleum,  petrochemical   derived   fragrances,   petroleum  based   hydrocarbons,   heavy  metals,   solvents,  Zero   VOC   and   non   aerosol.   Eco   Tyre   Shine  dries   clear,   smooth   and   is   an   extremely  versa'le   product  which  helps   you   create   the  slick  new  showroom  finish  whilst  helping  you  protect  the  environment.  Eco  Tyre  Shine  is  an  outstanding   all   round   dressing   product   that  cleans,   shines   and   protects   external   and  internal   rubber,   vinyl,   plas'c   trims   and  leather  surfaces.  

After decades in the business, we have made a few design mistakes and adjusted them immediately as required to ensure we produce the very best quality possible. It would be beneficial to you and your company from the outset if you do not make the same mistakes we have as this will safe you a lot of time, effort and money. Designing labels, websites, marketing materials and more. From shipping arrangements to advice about how to clean cars. Helping you with your own custom-designed car care product label is a service we provide that other companies do not. Contact us today to get started. Thanks

Pearl®  Pro  Microfibre  Cloths      Deliver   the   ul'mate   showroom  finish  on   paintwork,   glass,   chromes,   alloys  and  plas'cs,  perfect  for  every  vale'ng  and   detailing   need.   Ultra   absorbent  capabili'es,  ensures  it  can  be  used  on  wet   or   dry   surfaces   and   is   totally  machine   washable   providing   that  same   proven   quality   over   and   over  again.   An   extremely   soG   and   durable  lint   free   microfibre   cloth   specially  b l ended   f rom   po l ye s te r   and  polyamide   to   give   an   instant   smear  free  finish.  

About the Author: Since 1998, I have been involved with my own waterless car wash business ventures. I have cleaned many cars and have sold millions of dollars worth of waterless car care products to people/ companies in over 100 countries. Today, I manage the graphics, visibility and content marketing for Pearl Global Limited, the leader in high-quality Eco-CarCare products. If you are interested in learning more about cleaning vehicles without water or purchasing the Pearl products at retail or in bulk concentrate, please contact me or our sales team for advice and direction.

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