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Pearl Waterless Car Wash is an Groundbreaking detailing solution, which cleans and polishes all exterior and interior in one. No Water, No Mess, No Fuss just superior performance. Visit for more information.


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Advanced Waterless Car Wash Technology - Retail, Wholesale, Private LabelGreen Waterless Cleaning Products & Detailing Solutions

Pearl Waterless Car Wash Advanced Ultra Nano is the ultimate exterior cleaning and detailing solution: clean, refresh, shine and protect with Nano wax technology. A totally ground breaking Environmentally Friendly and User Friendly waterless car wash system that can be used to clean, wax, polish and Nano protect any part of the car, motorcycle, boat, caravan and aircraft exterior surface, delivering a premium mirror-gloss finish in half the time of conventional waxing, provides UV protection, repels water and minimises dirt build-up. Pearl Advanced Ultra Nano Waterless Wash and Wax Car Valeting formula completely gives you the waterless freedom to clean and polish your full car exterior anytime, any place and everywhere the waterless green way, by fully negating the use of water without compromising on achieving the ultimate showroom finish and whilst caring for our environment.

Pearl Waterless Car Wash Professional is a totally ground breaking Environmentally and User Friendly waterless car wash that can be used to clean and highly polish any part of the car, motorcyle, boat and caravan exterior surfaces. This unique pleasantly fragranced formula enables the user to clean and polish the whole car exterior anywhere without water water or compromising on achieving the ultimate showroom finish. Pearl Professional Waterless Car Valeting formula completely gives you the waterless freedom to clean and polish your full car exterior anytime, any place and everywhere the waterless green way, by fully negating the use of water without compromising on achieving the ultimate showroom finish and whilst caring for our environment.

Pearl Waterless Car Wash Universal cleaner contains premium high-quality ingredients perfect for all interior and exterior vehicle cleaning applications. Universal quickly and effortlessly cleans stubborn exterior substances such as brake dust, bird lime, ingrained insects, bugs, moss, grease and tar from paint, glass, plastic, alloy, rubber, convertible fabric hood surfaces and engine compartments together with dirt, dust and grease from interior dash, glass, leather, carpets, fabric, vinyl, plastic and wooden surfaces. Additional capabilities include anti-fogging technology ideal for cleaning motorcycle safety helmet visors and internal helmet fabric, delivering a superior performance and finish.

Pearl Waterless Car Wash Eco Multi-Trimis part of our Eco Friendly, Environmentally Friendly and User Friendly range providing a water based superior showroom tyre shine finish to tyre walls by cleaning, refreshing and treating. Totally non greasy formula revitalises the lustre and the appearance of the tyre and seals against traffic film, moisture, dust and providing outstanding water resistancy. Totally free from petroleum, petrochemical derived fragrances, petroleum based hydrocarbons, heavy metals, solvents, Zero VOC and non aerosol. Eco Tyre Shine dries clear, smooth and is an extremely versatile product which helps you create the slick new showroom finish whilst helping you protect the environment. Eco Tyre Shine is an outstanding all round dressing product that cleans, shines and protects external and internal rubber, vinyl, plastic trims and leather surfaces.

Pearl Pro Microfibre Cloths deliver the ultimate showroom finish on paintwork, glass, chromes, alloys and plastics, perfect for every valeting and detailing need. Ultra absorbent capabilities, ensures it can be used on wet or dry surfaces and is totally machine washable providing that same proven quality over and over again. An extremely soft and durable lint free microfibre cloth specially blended from polyester and polyamide to give an instant smear free finish.

Professional Waterless Car Wash Products

Pearl Global Limited is recognized as Europes leading manufacturer of the Eco-Friendly Green waterless car wash. Our Waterless line of innovative detailing products and vehicle protection systems are designed for both the professional and consumer markets. All Pearl waterless car wash products are completely non-hazardous and water-based. Making them extremely environmentally friendly. They are manufactured to the highest ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 industry standards and are fully compliant with the latest EU directives. All of our products are supported by current Material Safety Data Sheets; ensuring safe use, storage and distribution to our national and international export clients. Pearl registered trademarks and continued membership with the British Chamber of Commerce endorses the proactive lengths undertaken to ensure product quality and exemplary service levels are maintained at all times.

Our world-class facilities in the United Kingdom enable us to control what goes into each of our formulations and it is our assurance that all our customers are getting the very highest quality in environmentally friendly auto care performance products to exceed their every expectation. Pearl Advanced Ultra Nano, Professional, Universal Cleaner and Eco Tyre Shine are water based and very easy to work with. Our formulations are extremely tough on dirt but gentle on surfaces. They are also safe for the environment while creating a Maximum shine in minimum time for the premium showroom finish.

Delivering total performance versatility, all Pearl waterless auto cleaning & luxury detailing products are reliably unique and can be used with amazing effect on wet or dry surfaces. They can be used in or out of direct sunlight, in hot or cold climates. They provide the user with the complete freedom to wash, wax, polish and protect a vehicle absolutely anywhere and everywhere without the need for any water or electricity source.

Fast and easy to use. Just simply spray on, wipe off and buff to a brilliant, instant shine. Our unique scratch-free Pearl waterless cleaning chemistry dissolves, releases and suspends dirt from paintwork, glass, plastic, fabrics, metal, rubber, leather, alloy and chrome surfaces. A soft microfiber towel pulls the dirt art into the fibers and a second soft, microfiber towel buffs into an unrivaled and beautiful finish.

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