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Pearl® Professional Waterless Wash System completely cleans, polishes and wax protects a vehicle without using water, making the environment more sustainable but without compromising on high performance or the quality of finish. Pearl® products do so much more than just clean and shine vehicle surfaces, they also bring out the natural colour pigments in paintwork, protecting it from natural and manufactured harmful elements whilst maintaining a superior appearance and lustre for longer.

Fully water-based products which are completely non-hazardous, environmentally-friendly, extremely user-friendly and our Advanced Ultra formula contains the latest Nano technology.

Total versatility that effectively allows the user to use these leading technologically advanced products anytime and anywhere on wet or dry surfaces and also in or out of direct sunlight.

Create a premium showroom finish on paintwork, glass, chromes, leather, rubber, plastics, soft tops, carpets, fabric upholstery, tyres and alloys. These products are gentle on surfaces but extremely tough on dirt, grease and traffic film.

Safe, easy to use, high performance products. Simply mist spray on target surface, wipe and buff to create Maximum Shine in Minimum Time!

Pearl® waterless products contain only the finest raw materials including high grade polymers, coconut oil and waxes including carnauba the hardest natural wax in the world.

Unlike some inferior products Pearl® waterless products contain absolutely no hazardous ingredients, no petroleum hydrocarbons, no abrasive pumice, no heavy metal compounds, zero VOC, non-toxic, non-corrosive, completely non-aerosol and non-flammable.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) endorses that cleaning a car using soap and a water hose, can waste up to 116 gallons of water per car wash and creating run off pollution into waterway systems.

Automatic car wash systems use on average 40 gallons of water per car wash, wasting vast amounts of energy and requires an oil and water separator. They have also been known to scratch and damage the exterior surface of cars.

Pearl® professional waterless wash system is the complete green and environmentally-friendly solution for the auto, marine and aviation industries, delivering a high performance finish every time whilst conserving precious water, protecting local natural resources and having little to no effect on the environment and community.