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  • PEAK Training & DevelopmentPEAK training focuses on retail customer service and sales. PEAK was developed by the Retail Council of Canada. WCG Services is licensed to deliver PEAK training in British Columbia, Calgary and Toronto.

    WCG oers two PEAK Training Programs: Service & Sales Training and Supervisor Leadership Training. Each module within these programs was developed from feedback directly from entrepreneurs about real-world skill gaps of their sta.

    PEAK provides hands-on training to 8-16 participants per session that provides clients with a competitive advantage in the hiring process and helps them grow in their new jobs as productive, valued and rewarded employees.

    By the end of the second training day, two of the participants had already secured employment by promoting their certification to a retail sector employer who visited our centre as a guest speaker. I would recommend both WCG and the PEAK retail training program to anyone looking to get a leg

    up on the competition. Robert Bryce, Manager, YMCA of Okanagan EPBC

  • What are the key benefits of PEAK training?

    Reduces the amount of coaching time required to place clients Increases employment outcomes Improves job retention rates Expands range of customer service jobs clients can apply for Increases the number of interviews your clients can ace Adds to your clients marketability Boosts your clients confidence and motivation Builds knowledge of customer sales and service language

    Contact us today to book a PEAK session for clients in your | 1.604.202.1598

    Help your clients become sales and service-ready candidates employers want to hire.

    PEAK Service & Sales training is a three-day program, designed to give clients the skills necessary to succeed in the retail and service sectors.

    This program includes six modules (three hours each):

    Keeping the Customer Satisfied - Proven techniques for satisfying every kind of customer and keeping them coming back Managing Dicult Situations - Identify specific strategies that improve service eectiveness Above and Beyond - Identify personal strengths and strategies that maximize customer service behaviour to exceed expectations Basic Selling Skills Explore how to conduct relationship-building sales conversations to produce results and encourage repeat business The Psychology of Selling - How dierent personality types aect how a sale is made and how a customer hears messages Secrets to Increased Sales - Professional strategies designed to increase sales by showing high-level respect and understanding when overcoming objections and closing deals

    Price: PEAK Service & Sales Training fits within the EPBC-contract STOC training budget at $900/person for all six modules. Pricing includes manuals and certificates.

    PEAK: Service & Sales Training

  • Is PEAK available for clients with special needs, for example, a client with a hearing impairment or mobility issue?

    Definitely! WCG works with all kinds of learners. We can help case managers tailor content or accommodate clients with specialized needs. Our teaching methods include lecture, small group, large group, one-on-one, coaching and role-plays. PEAK training is fun and interactive, and allows learners to practice as they go along.

    Contact us today to book a PEAK session for clients in your | 1.604.202.1598

    I secured employment because the business recognized PEAK training on my rsum. It definitely provided me an edge over other candidates.

    WCG client, Penticton, BC

    Help your clients gain the skills needed to be hired as supervisors and managers in the retail and service sectors.

    PEAK Supervisory Leadership training is a one-day program designed to give clients leadership, coaching, supervisory, communication and team building skills.

    This program includes two modules (three hours each):

    Cultivating a Team Environment - Forming, storming, norming and performing; motivating a team Management Leadership Skills - Coaching, communication and compassion; facilitating solutions

    Price: PEAK Supervisory Leadership Training fits within the EPBC-contract STOC training budget at $300/person for both modules. Pricing includes manuals and certificates.

    PEAK: Supervisory Leadership Training


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