peace humanity. peace what is it? where is it? what can you do to make peace?

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Peac and Human ity Pea ce Humani ty

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Peace and Humanity

Peace and HumanityPeaceHumanity


What is it?

Peace is a State of harmony. It is characterised by non-violence.It is the freedom of fear from violence.

Put your right hand to the place where the heart is. Do you feel a Dhuk- Dhuk noise? Make that noise calm down and go slowly but smoothly. THATS when youll find inner-peace.For peace with the rest of the world, learn to let go. Forget about arguments youve had in the past. Stop fighting.

Where is it?

What Can YOU do to Make Peace?

As they all say, For great changes to happen, take little steps. Start by not fighting with others, and if you thing an argument is about to start, try your best to stop itIf you have any enemies, try to see the good points in them and become friends. Do nice things to them and theyll do nice things to you.You can also start a campaign in your neighbourhood to spread the message of peace.


What is it?Humanity is focused on tending and befriending others.The three strengths associated with humanity are love, kindness, and social intelligence.

Humanity cant be found. It cant be discovered. It can only be CREATED. And its up to YOU as an individual to create it.

Where is it?

How Can Humanity be Restored?First of all, STOP DISCRIMINATING. Okay, fine, shes black. So? Skin types are based on the temperature of the place they were born. And as for gender, if it werent for a woman, YOUD not be watching this PPT right now.

Be kind to others. Its entirely up to you to create and restore humanity to the world around you. Poor people, rich people, black people, white people, Asians, males, females, theyre all HUMAN, right?TIMES THEN DEBATE- The World: Peace and Humanity or Pieces and Discrimination?

The world is being broken up into so-called categories- Caste, Religion, Gender, Skin Colour, etc.

But weve done so much to try and stop it! So many campaigns, so many movements, and so much activism!!But so far, how much change has it made? I completely disagree. People are still suffering.Not necessarily. Did you know that over the last 10 years, there has been a rapid decrease in discrimination?Ok, maybe its true. But just yesterday a man refused to sell me mangoes because I was a woman!!!That was just one man! Thats like saying you dont like a certain food item just because ONE of them did something bad to you!Its also saying that there are still many people in this world who discriminate!!!

OK NOW!! TIME UP, DEBATE OVER!! Goodnight, India!!AcknowledgementsWebsites- Google Images WikipediaThe Human MindThe End!!!