pcsk-9 inhibitors: the next blockbuster?

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PCSK-9 Inhibitors The next big thing…? 06/24/2022 Pharma Reading: Group No. 6 1

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PCSK9 Inhibitors The next big thing

PCSK-9 InhibitorsThe next big thing?

04-Dec-15Pharma Reading: Group No. 61

Proprotein convertase subtilisin kexin-91

HypercholesterolemiaType IIa of Hyperlipidemia/HyperlipoproteinemiaFamilial (genetic/hereditary): Homozygous (HoFH) (rare, 1 in million) and Heterozygous (HeFH) (1 in 500). Genetic disorder with high levels of LDL and cholesterolNon-familial (rare)

Treatment:HeFH: Statins, bile acid sequestrants, etc. Genetic counselling more prevalent these days.04-Dec-15Pharma Reading: Group No. 62

HeFH: Heterozygous Familial HypercholesterolemiaLDL: Low density lipoprotein2

Limitations of current therapiesEfficiency of statins: Doubling the dose of the statin decreases the LDL level further by only 6%Side effects: Rhabdomyolosis, intolerance to dosage, risk of Type II diabetes, liver damage, etc.Functional limitations of statins as a therapeutic class: Target level specified by NCEP-ATP guidelines for LDL-C is not met consistentlyPoor adherence to long term regime of dosing04-Dec-15Pharma Reading: Group No. 63

Increasing the dosage of statins due to lack of efficiency/progression of disease may not result in proportionate decrease in cholesterol level.Rhabdomyolosis: Muscle breakdown and degradation, pain in muscles, myopathyIntolerance: Gastrointestinal disturbances, immune reactions, etc.NCEP-ATP: National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel3

04-Dec-15Pharma Reading: Group No. 64

Emerging TherapiesRNAi TherapeuticsGenetic targets04-Dec-15Pharma Reading: Group No. 65

CVD: Cardiovascular DiseaseGOF: Gain-of-function mutation, activating certain genes abnormally as a result of mutationCHD: Coronary Heart DiseaseLOF: Loss-of-function mutation, deactivating certain genesIndian population with Hypercholesterolemia: 13.9% in four representative regions of India both rural and urban5

04-Dec-15Pharma Reading: Group No. 66

Comparison with Statins: Statins act on the HMG-CoA reductase enzyme interrupting the chain synthesis of cholesterol.Enzymatic inhibition of Statin vs Genetic modulation and receptor modulation of PCSK-9 inhibitors MabsDiffused target (Statins) vs Specific, well defined and differentiated genetic target (PCSK-9)6

04-Dec-15Pharma Reading: Group No. 67

04-Dec-15Pharma Reading: Group No. 68


04-Dec-15Pharma Reading: Group No. 69

SAE: Short term Adverse EventsLP: Lipoprotein aCurrently, lack of safety and efficacy data in large populations has limited the use of the drugs to combinations with statins only when statins alone are inefficient/intolerantBi-annual dosing and quarterly monitoring of blood levels of cholesterol and LDL means better adherence and patient compliance in a chronic disease treatmentHuge potential in terms of clinical superiority so far, enabling commercial opportunity for being a blockbuster drug9

Future ProspectsWhats in store?Current Approvals04-Dec-15Pharma Reading: Group No. 610Sr. No.MoleculeBrandCompanyApproved1AlirocumabPraluentSanofi-AventisJuly 24, 20152EvolocumabRepathaAmgenAugust 27, 20153Bococizumab-PfizerPhase II trials

Target 70mg/dlAverage costs $14000-15000 a yearAmgen has introduced co-pay cards of $5 each covering upto $4200/year in copay costsAn estimated 15% of patients will be on PCSK-9 inhibitors by next year: CardiologistsNo delay in Rx or cautious start by physicians leading to a long term benefits of discovering potential side effects faster and modifying quicker.First is not the best always Lovastatin vs Atorvastatin (Lipitor)10

Future ProspectsWhats in store?Vaccines: ALN-PCS02 PCSK-9 synthesis inhibitor from Alnylam in Phase I Small molecules: Adnectin (BMS), K-132 (CETP inhibitor). Oral therapy with similar dosing would be a dream come true, but strategies to protect the formulation from GI tract is trickyGene therapyOutcomes vs Biomarkers, Initial bubble (to pop or not to pop)04-Dec-15Pharma Reading: Group No. 611

Analysts forecasts about $2 billion annual sales at peak. Chronic therapy, life term of disease, strict entry barriers for generic players surrounding biologics, etc.11

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04-Dec-15Pharma Reading: Group No. 613