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from where opportunity happens

Dear Friends, Opportunity can happen anywhere, but it especially happens at PCC. We wondered what it would be like to get a postcard from where opportunity happened. Thanks to supporters like you, the people featured in this annual report have all found an opportunity on their journey toward an education. These postcards are what they might have written, from the place where opportunity happened for them. In 2009-10, the PCC Foundation revenues supported $1.6 million in scholarships, program support and related distributions. We were able to distribute more than 500 scholarships, which is almost 50 percent more than last year. With your sustained giving, this number will continue to increase as we successfully participate in the third year of the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation challenge, which will match up to $320,000 in new and increased scholarship donations. With student financial aid requests up 22 percent over last year, there has never been a more important time to support students. Please enjoy these postcards and when youre done, tear out the perforated card in the back and help us spread our message of accessible education and opportunity by mailing it to a friend. Your support makes all the difference. Thank you! Sincerely,

Preston Pulliams PCC District President

Betty Duvall PCC Foundation Board President

from oUr commUnity

ScholarShip recipientS tera robertS (07) and Gavin robertS

pcc alumna and former ScholarShip recipient tera robertS (07) waS a SinGle mother with eiGht children when She decided to Go back to School and make a better life for her family. the firSt colleGe Graduate in her family, tera iS now at ohSu earninG a doctorate in nurSinG. her Son, Gavin, waS awarded the oreGon community foundation north coaSt education StimuluS ScholarShip and the jameS f. and marion l. miller foundation ScholarShip thiS year.

Dear donor, You knew your gift was helping me, but what you didn,t know was that I ,m not alone. Now my eight children are on the path to college, and a once-unemployed, single mom is earning her doctorate degree. And it doesn,t stop there. One day, my family will open a clinic in Vernonia to help the people of our medically underserved community. We couldn,t have done it without you. With gratitude, Tera Roberts

To: The donor who believed in us and wrote a check that day

having a wonderfUl


ScholarShip recipient adrian thompSon (10)

raSk family memorial fund ScholarShip recipient adrian thompSon (10) moved around a lot aS a kid. after attendinG ten different SchoolS and fallinG behind, he never thouGht colleGe waS in hiS future. but hiS dreamS were Suddenly within reach when he beGan takinG claSSeS at pcc throuGh hiS hiGh School. now he iS at howard univerSity in waShinGton, d.c. workinG toward a career in dentiStry.

Dear younger Adrian, That,s right, I,m talking to you! You may not think there,s much hope for the future, but let me tell you what - the scholarship announcement letter you hold in your hands is about to turn into the path to the future you always dreamed about. In just a few short years, you will be on the other side of the country finishing your bachelor,s degree at one of the most prestigious universities in the country. And your dream of becoming a dentist in your own community is just around the corner. Your future self, Adrian

To: My high school self, the day I heard the scholarship news

achieving my edUcational


ScholarShip recipient karla Snchez (10)

karla Snchez (10) waS 13 when her family moved to the united StateS from peru. deSpite the challenGeS of a new lanGuaGe and culture, karla worked hard, knowinG the SacrificeS her parentS made for her. thiS paSt year, the pcc foundation awarded karla the j & j inc. ScholarShip, and She became the firSt in her family to Graduate from colleGe.

Dear Mom and Dad, You were right. Words cant express my gratitude for how much youve given me over the years. You believed in me when I didnt believe in myself and gave me the strength to follow my goals. I may be the first in our family to graduate from college, but because of your support and the scholarship funded by Ms. Jeri Janowsky and Mr. John Crabbe, I wont be the last. Your daughter, Karla

To: Mom and Dad, who said I could do it

Gordon brinSer, preSident of Solarworld induStrieS america inc. (center), with pcc foundation Solarworld uSa ScholarShip recipientS jorGe caStillo (left) and lucy Gorman (riGht)


welcome to beaUtifUl, sUnny

the pcc microelectronicS technoloGy proGram worked with Solarworld to create an aSSociateS deGree in Solar voltaic manufacturinG technoloGy. Solarworld alSo fundS pcc foundation ScholarShipS for StudentS who are workinG toward careerS in the Solar induStry.

Let me introduce you to Lucy Gorman and Jorge Castillo, two students who won the PCC Foundation SolarWorld USA scholarship this year. Lucy is a single mom with two small children who works at Costco while earning her degree. After a long career in construction management, Jorge is following his wifes advice to pursue his passion and return to school.

As you know, people are our greatest assets. At SolarWorld, we cant think of a better investment than improving the lives of people who make up our communitys workforce. - Gordon Brinser President, SolarWorld Industries America Inc.

To: Other companies deciding where to invest this year

Studentscome firstpcc alumna and faculty retiree betty kendall (75); automotive Service department chair ruSS joneS; and pcc automotive Service adviSor robin burwell

visit a place where

every year, pccS fineSt Such aS memberS of the automotive Service technoloGy department pictured here band toGether aS part of an annual faculty, Staff and retiree campaiGn to Support StudentS by GivinG to the pcc foundation. laSt year, 769 participantS contributed $226,000 to Support Student SucceSS.

Dear students, Youll make it. We believe in you. And if you need help along the way, thats what were here for. Because even though were sometimes hard on you and we expect a lot and maybe we dont always say how proud we are, we want you to know: every day, you make our jobs worthwhile. So, hang in there. Youre going to make it. -Russ Jones, Automotive Service Technology Instructor


Our students who are wondering if theyre going to make it

-Robin Burwell, Automotive Service Technology Advisor -Betty Kendall, Retired Automotive Service Technology Instructor

Findingmyself in a second career

ScholarShip recipient vaneSSa caldern (10)

vaneSSa caldern (10) had reached a profeSSional croSSroad. with the help of a bonneville power adminiStration ScholarShip, a pelinka electronic enGineerinG technoloGy ScholarShip, and a workSyStemS, inc. finiSh up ScholarShip which provided Support for low-income StudentS in manufacturinG, Science, technoloGy enGineerinG and mathematicS caldern Graduated from pcc with an aSSociateS deGree in electronic enGineerinG technoloGy.

You havent hit a dead end . You just have to take the first step in a new direction . Like you, Id reached a point in my job where I couldnt go further without a college degree . Starting was the hardest part, but once I did , the rest fell into place . And remember to use the resources PCC offers, including applying for Foundation scholarships. They help with your finances, of course. But also, knowing that someone has that kind of faith in you helps you make it through when times are tough . -Vanessa Caldern


Professionals who think theyve hit a dead end

leaving a family


donorS virGinia Spurkland and nancy & ron deGroot

bob and betty (evelyn) fiSk came from humble beGinninGS. after a full life of work aS an educator and nurSe, reSpectively, they wanted to help younG people StruGGlinG to Go to colleGe. their family SuGGeSted the pcc foundation. throuGh their eState, the fiSkS made planS to endow two ScholarShipS in their nameS the robert and evelyn fiSk General endowed ScholarShip and the robert and evelyn fiSk endowed nurSinG ScholarShip before they paSSed away.

Do you know what it means to leave a legacy? We know what it means to be a part of one. Our Uncle Bob and Aunt Betty were truly kind, gentle people who spent their lives giving to others. We are so glad to know that by endowing these scholarships, their legacy will continue to give over time, helping countless students go out into the world and make a difference. - Virginia Spurkland Ron and Nancy DeGroot


People who are considering an estate gift

see thedamon hickok, middle colleGe coordinator; tania arreGuin, middle colleGe Student mentor (left); meitta denniS, pcc Student and former middle colleGe participant (riGht)


at middle college!

middle colleGe, a partnerShip between pcc and portland public SchoolS, ServeS aS a bridGe between talented StudentS from jefferSon and rooSevelt hiGh SchoolS and the world of hiGher education. the proGram enableS hiGh School StudentS to earn colleGe creditS alonGSide pcc StudentS. the pcc foundation received fundS from the oreGon community foundation to Start the middle colleGe mentorinG proGram and provideS ScholarShip opportunitieS for GraduatinG middle colleGe StudentS.

Believe me, I know what it,s like. , I m here to tell you there,s another , way: PCC s Middle College. Middle College showed me that college is something I really can do. Not only did I graduate from high school, Iearned college credit. Now , I m a student in PCC's EMT program with plans of earning a four-year degree and eventually becom