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<ul><li> 1. </li> <li> 2. A New Sustainable Frontier Paydirt helps companies build and communicate sustainability programs that improve environmental performance, establish market differentiation and advance key business objectives Our core consulting services include sustainability strategy, environmental assessment, program design, project management and strategic communications 2010 Paydirt, LLC 2 </li> <li> 3. Why Sustainability?Sustainability is an emerging business megatrend,like IT and quality, that will profoundly affectcompanies competitiveness and even theirsurvival.- The Sustainability Imperative, Harvard Business Review 2010 Paydirt, LLC 3 </li> <li> 4. Hybrid Thinking Our team brings a broad range of experience in management and environmental consulting Using sustainability as a lens, we holistically assess operations, new ways of doing business and new ways of serving customers Our diverse talents and versatility allows us to bring integrated solutions and a fresh perspective to complex client opportunities 2010 Paydirt, LLC 4 </li> <li> 5. Proven Approach Strategic Customized Data-driven Measurable Replicable 2010 Paydirt, LLC 5 </li> <li> 6. Charting a Course Sustainability is no longer a luxury investment or an eleventh-hour consideration its a strategic imperative. Our programs are centered around your organizations unique positioning and key stakeholder demands. We devise powerful strategies that align stewardship initiatives with your core business objectives and catapult you to your desired market position. 2010 Paydirt, LLC 6 </li> <li> 7. Capitalizing on Success Compelling communications and fact-based education are vital to the success of any sustainability initiative Paydirts strategic and integrated approach to communications ensures that our clients are responding to the needs of internal and external stakeholders in meaningful and effective ways 2010 Paydirt, LLC 7 </li> <li> 8. Paydirt Sample Clients 2010 Paydirt, LLC 8 </li> <li> 9. The Sustainability Journey Transformation,Where Clear Competitive Advantage are Institutionalizing,you? Driving Innovation Pilot Initiatives, Eco-Efficiency Efforts Recognize Opportunity, Considering Action Contemplating Value of Sustainability 2010 Paydirt, LLC 9 </li> <li> 10. Accelerate Your Progress Paydirt Service Offerings Sustainability Executive Opportunity Green EcoHive Education Analysis Team Portal ReportingContemplatingValueRecognize,Considering ActionSome Initiatives,EfficienciesInstitutionalizingTransformation 2010 Paydirt, LLC 10 </li> <li> 11. Executive EducationAn interactive educational workshop to: Educate your leadership team on sustainability trends within your industry as well as among your key competitors and customers Identify sustainability-related business drivers, issues, risks and opportunities for your company Enable senior leadership to define the business case for sustainability and develop a strategy to focus efforts and derive additional business value in the coming year 2010 Paydirt, LLC 11 </li> <li> 12. Opportunity Analysis (SOA) Yields a Strategic Sustainability Roadmap that identifies prioritized, actionable environmental initiatives A quick hit cost saving or revenue generating recommendation and checklist for implementation 2010 Paydirt, LLC 12 </li> <li> 13. Green Team Services An ever-increasing number of people want to work for companies that are good stewards of the environment This enthusiasm can be a powerful force if its mobilized around a common goal and process Rather than trying to Within three months of launching a green team at an 8,000-employee boil the ocean, we company, Paydirt and the team design manageable, identified sustainability initiatives that would result in annual cost savings fact-based programs of more than $1M. Similarly, a to build momentum Paydirt-led green team at a 370- employee company identified annual and drive quick results savings of $34,000. 2010 Paydirt, LLC 13 </li> <li> 14. EcoHive Portal 2010 Paydirt, LLC 14 </li> <li> 15. Reporting Benchmark reporting against customers, competitors and peers Establish a roadmap for future reporting Assess materiality and relevance of KPIs Validate quantitative data 2010 Paydirt, LLC 15 </li> <li> 16. Other Specialized Services Sustainable product marketing Environmental footprint assessment Greenhouse gas inventory Communications and eco-themed events Litecycle Analysis 2010 Paydirt, LLC 16 </li> <li> 17. For More Information: 612.840.5673 </li> </ul>