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Presentation on Communities 2.0 activity in Pembrokeshire to PAVS Staff Team


  • 1.

2. Looking at
What is Communities 2.0
Digital Inclusion Agenda
What were doing about it
Whats next
Q & A
3. Communities 2.0
Digital Inclusion initiative from WAG
2009 2015
Funded through ERDF
4. 5. Digital Inclusion eh?
WAG says:
It is an agenda about people and improving their lives, being able to communicate more easily; getting goods more easily and for lower prices and about being able to access public services more easily. Digital inclusion is also about reducing social isolation. It is about people being able to benefit, both as citizens and consumers.
We say:
Getting people online
6. Some Factoids
750,000 people not online in Wales
60% are Older People

  • Majority of the rest are:

7. In Social Housing 8. Unemployed 9. Low waged 10. Disabledpeople