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Patient Portal for New Yorkers.


<ul><li> 1. a tour of a web based electronic health recordintroducingPatient Portal for New York </li> <li> 2. New York Patient Portal Health Record Conclusive Education, Mes Record saging &amp; Security Repository CommunityThe New York Patient Portal (Patient Connect) is a health record repository and a tool toempower patients to take ownership of their medical records as well as educate them abouttheir health issues. Using the module patients would be able manage their visits and followups with their provider. The portal offers an approach to provider and patient interaction notpossible otherwise in the real life practice of medicine today where fragmented follow upsaffect patient care greatly and costing the healthcare process well more that it should. Many features in one electronic health record </li> <li> 3. Why Patient Portals would help reduce the cost of healthcare? PATIENT EMPOWERMENT Owning the rights to access the data has always been a law in effect but numerous hours have been lost and so did millions of dollars in the process of manual data transfer between the different medical institutions not to mention the delays in the healthcare process and diagnosis.THE ACO MODELIn the new world of ACO model of practicing medicine providers and medicalcenters are keener than ever on the total cost of procedures. Many of the elevatedhealthcare costs are driven by the disconnect in provider to patient relationship.Many office visits are not necessary and could be avoided if the patients were partof the healing process. Less follow up visits would me more dedicated time topatients who actually need the care thus improving the bar where visits areadministered. </li> <li> 4. Security: Your Health Record Consent and consent modules. Access records by proxy. </li> <li> 5. Consent &amp; Consent Audit Modules A Patient Consent module has been designed featuring audit access to ones health record with the different providers and facilities. It also has the ability for assigning proxy access which would be needed in the case one is unable to access or manage their own records. (elderly family member, etc.) Using the Facility Audit module patients are able to track exact dates/times when the approved facilitates/providers accessed their records. It also records information about unauthorized access alerting patients of any undesired intrusion. </li> <li> 6. A multi-featured Module Proxy access module allows patients to access other patients health records via proxy signature. A graphic representation of allowed users is also available. Did we mention that there are features to download, and transmit, patients health records as well as sharing youre their data with their providers?Access Utility Module </li> <li> 7. Records: Conclusive Repository Medication Adherence ModuleProvider visits, radiographs, laboratory results, surgical encounters, vaccination, and much more </li> <li> 8. Interactive Medical Records My Encounters Screen: All of my encounters in one screen. One can access their office visit, their surgery or other hospital records as well as other ancillary services; e.g. radiographs and laboratory results. All data is organized in chronological order for ease of access and need for follow up. The multi-tabbed system allows for a more organized flow of data on one screen and creating a streamline of information for patients to better review their records. The follow up tab allows patients to track their visits requiring a additional actions. A reminder system is developed to notify patients of such events prior to their due date. </li> <li> 9. Interactive Medical Records My Body Simulation: An interactive method to simulate diseases visually to patients and introduce an educational module as part of their data access and disease management. The module also correlates symptoms that are interconnected and provides medication information as well as historical charting of progress/deterioration. In one screen snapshot you have access to your diagnosis, medication, clini cal history as well as other correlated symptoms. Additional information is available through the educational module about the disease entity as well as medications side effects and other symptoms. </li> <li> 10. Education, Messaging &amp; Community ModulesPatient Education, bi-directional communication tools between providers &amp; patient, community module! </li> <li> 11. Community ModuleA community module where patients are able toshare their daily routine as well as complicationswith other patients providing a platform toexchange valuable life experiences within the portal.Its all about sharing your experiences in an onlineforum with your community. </li> <li> 12. Provider Patient Communication! The communication module allows for bi-directional interaction between patients and their providers. Tools to communication would allows patients to report back medication side effects, abnormal reactions, etc.Interactive Messaging Module e-mail Communication Video ChatCapture &amp; Share Documents </li> <li> 13. Education for all! The educational module is an interactive home for patients to access videos, articles, medical magazines and explore information regarding their health problems. Diseases &amp; Syndromes Medication Education Post-Op Preparation Reference ArticlesConsent &amp; Policy Education </li> <li> 14. Access Anywhere Check out the portal on the web! Access your records wherever you are and share your health data with providers, medical centers and specialized health professionals. </li> <li> 15. Whats Your Message?Health &amp; Wellness Innovation Team </li> </ul>