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<ul><li><p>LEGIBILITY: PATHS AND EDGES GUADALUPE NUEVO</p><p>PATHS</p><p>TOPOGRAPHY AND EDGES</p><p>NETWORK OF PATHSThe main strategic paths in the City are the Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA), together withthe Metro Rail Transit line (MRT line) and River Ferry Bus Route. This is the primary network oflink the site to the surrounding areas. The network of paths that links the different parts of thesite are P. Burgos Street together with Ramon Magsaysay Avenue, P. Victor Street, and SanJose Street</p><p>The site may be seen as a linear organisation with the P. Burgos Street as the spine, linking the site with .Ramon Magsaysay Ave., Sgt. Fabian Yabut Circle, P. Victor Street, Repose Street, and San Jose Street</p><p>Paths are the channels along which the observer customarily, occasionally, or potentially movesThey may be streets, walkways, transit lines, canals, railroads</p><p>Edges are the linear elements not used or considered as paths bythe observer. They are boundaries between two phases, linear breaksin continuity: shores, railroad cuts, edges of development, walls</p><p>Edges can be natural topographical features, or man made featuresGood examples are the estuary form the right side of San Jose Streetbeyond the site and the MRT railway system along the EDSA. Thiscreates a strong isolation when viewed from between the edges</p><p>The change in levels between the site to the Guadalupe Ferry Bus Station Station and the Pasig River is a further example of an edge Although the .site and river are immediately adjacent to one another, the dramatic change in levels has created separate and distinctive urban environments </p><p>P. BURGOS STREET: main roadaccess of PUVs</p><p>Pasig River dividing the skylines ofBoni, Mandaluyong, and Guadalupe, Makati </p><p>MRT railway system seperatingGuadalupe Nuevo to Guadalupe Viejo</p><p>estuary gives Guadalupe Nuevo givesboundary to its neighbor baraggay, Cembo</p><p>RAMON MAGSAYSAY AVE. : road within the commercial zone of</p><p>Guadalupe Nuevo</p><p>P. VICTOR STREET: road that branchesout from P. Burgos to the Public Market</p></li></ul>