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<ul><li> 1. SOUNDTRACK QUIZ;feature=i v&amp;src_vid=oti-rVv52ls&amp;v=UyHuXley8-0- Do not keep the screen on for this! </li></ul> <p> 2. MUSIC AS PATHOS Incites the emotions Can make a viewer happy, sad, anxious, scared, etc. Listen to this clip from Pirates of the Caribbean. Note anything about the song, the characters, or the words that are an appeal to pathos. Be prepared to share. 3. THINGS TO OBSERVE WHILE LISTENING What are the characters doing while the music is playing? What are the lyrics saying? How do they fit into the story or do they? What is the logic behind this music? What feeling does the audience get from hearing it? What is the music communicating to the audience? How is it forming an argument? 4. MUSIC AS A CUE We see this most often in the scary movie genre, but it can be found in other cases. Can you think of another instance? 5. TO ADD DRAMA TO A COMEDY NJAnE What about this music changes the mood? Would this scene be as effective without the music? Why or why not? 6. TO MOVE THE ACTION FORWARD: HOW DO YOU FEEL WHILE WATCHING THIS SCENE? WHY DO WE NEED IT HERE? XwDa8 7. TO ADD SEX APPEAL/ TO SEDUCE HFl0 Who knew clay was sexy? How does this song contribute to the feeling of passion? What words in the lyrics stand out to you? 8. TO ADD TO THE ACTION In a pivotal scene, Peter yells his famous line: For Narnia and for Aslan! Once these words are spoken, an epic battle between good and evil commences accompanied by a cathedral type anthem. Why is this effective? Can you think of other examples of this type of music in other movies? 9. IRONY;feature=related;feature=related 10. FINAL THOUGHTS Why would a production want its soundtrack to be successful? What motivates people to choose to write original soundtracks versus using mainstreamed songs? How does the choice of music affect the casting of a movie? </p>