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Past & Present Photos. By Donagh Slevin. Old to New Street. Old to New House. Old & New Transport. . Louis Daguerre. David Lindsey Wade . Nicholas Samaras .. MORGAN MAASSEN. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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By Donagh SlevinPast & Present PhotosOld to New Street

Old to New House

Old & New Transport

Here is the pictures of the train in Paris crashed through the wall of the big station back in 1895.5LouisDaguerre

Louis Daguerre took this photo of the streets of Paris. The image shows a street, but because of the over ten minute exposure time the moving traffic does not appear. This photo is taking in 1838.6David Lindsey Wade.

David Lindsey Wade took a photo a female boxer punching a nerd.7Nicholas Samaras.

Nicholas Samaras took this photo underwater. Nicholas talent for underwater photography was evident from his first attempts to shoot underwater. His enthusiasm of constantly seeking knowledge and fresh techniques and his tendency to innovate new ideas worked as a catalyst to transform him from a simple conscious diver to an underwater photographer with excellent examples of work and rich portfolio.8MORGAN MAASSEN

Morgan Maassen has always interested in surfing. He now works for the surf magazine. 9

When Morgan was 13, he picked up a video camera to make a short movie for a school project. It was called The Stoke of Surfing and it had footage that he shot of his friends, some local pros, and some general surf and adventure around my neighbourhood. From there, he also started filming my friends and my travels.10