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  • 1. Simple Past Tense -Used to show actions completed or done in the past

2. When transforming verbs into their past tense, there are twotypes of verbs 1.)Regular Verbs- whentransformedto its past tense, we add ed/-dtothe endof the verb. Ex. play-played lift-lifted smile-smiled blink-blinked search-searched dance-danced 3. Formula: Verb + ed Laugh+ ed= laughed My friend and I laughedso hard afterwe saw somethingfunny. 4. Verb + d bake + d = baked I baked pastries for my favorite teacher. 5. Changey to i + ed Marry marri + ed = married My brother married his long- term girlfriend last week. 6. Special Notes: - If a regular verb ends with a singleconsonant and single vowel, double the consonant before addinged. (ex. Clap- clapped) - If a regular verb ends with a vowel and y, thereis no need to change y toi (ex. Pray-prayed) 7. Irregular Verbs- when transformedtoits past tense,itdoesnot followtheadd-d/-edrule. Ex. go-went sing-sang eat-ate build-built sit-sat do-did rise-rose draw-drew -To behas twopast tenseforms:was(singular), were (plural) 8. I senta letter to a friend yesterday. I arrived late for class because I slept very late last night. 9. Time Expressions used to signal thatactions were done in thepast (time adverbials): Yesterday a / one minute ago last night an / one hour ago last week Theday before yesterday last month the night before last last year last Tuesday last summer 10. SimplePresent Tense -Usedtoshow actions doneatpresent timeor regularly (habitualactions) 11. Thepresent tenseofthe verb Can eitherbetheBase form or theS Form S Form (he/she/it)-when transformedtotheir present tenseisaddedwiths/-es. like-likes water-waters brush-brushes meet-meets read-reads teach-teaches 12. Formula: verb + s Order + s = orders Every morning,she orders a cup of brewed coffeein Laylas CoffeeShop. 13. verb + es Go + es = goes Lucas goes to thelibrary whenever he feels bored. 14. Changey to i + es Cry cri + es Mandy cries whenever she misses her mother. 15. Special Note: Thecommonverb have doesn't followtheusual rules: I /you / we/ They--have he / she/it--has Ex.) Youhavethe answerto the question. She hasthe potential to become a good singer. 16. Special Note: Be verb uses am, are, is Ex.) I am a doctor. They are going to church. He is studying for the exams. 17. Base Form (I/you/we/they)- whentransformed to thepast tense, it retains its base form. 18. I jogfor an hour every morning, before I go to work. Teenagers surf the internet for almost the whole day. 19. Presenttensehabitual activities are frequently signaled by time expressions such as thefollowing: -allthetime -sometimes -always -usually -every semester -everyclass -every week -every day -every year -every holiday -mostofthetime -everyhour -Never -every month -Often -rarely 20. References se02.html mple_present.htm ml


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