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  • 1. Easter in IschiaPleased to meet EU Comenius projectI.C. V. Mennella- Lacco Ameno - Italy

2. EasterThe word Easter comes from the latin word Pascha and fromebraico Pasah. It means Passaggio, passage, transit, transfer.Easter is one of the most important festivity in the Christiantradition. Like in the Orthodox tradition, it celebrates thepassage from death to resurrection of Jesus . While the JewishEaster celebrates the passage from slavery in Egypt to theliberation of the Jews with Moses. 3. The date of EasterThe date of Easter is different every year andit is on the Sunday following the first fullmoon after the spring equinox (March21st). Therefore Easter could be the dayfrom 22nd March to 25th April. 4. Easter liturgical ritualEaster is preceded by Lent, a period of 40 days of fasting and abstinence,which follows the Carnival celebrations. The week before Easter is called"Holy Week" and it is marked by special liturgies. 5. Palm SundayThe Sunday before Easter is Palm Sunday.The blessing of the palms and olive branchescommemorate the entry of Jesus toJerusalem among in the crowd waving palmbranches. 6. Holy ThursdayOn Holy Thursday there is thewashing of the feet. It is in memoryof the gesture made by Jesus at theLast Supper. 7. Good FridayGood Friday is dedicated to the celebrationof the Via Crucis. It goes through thestages of the climb to Calvary of Christ. 8. Holy SaturdayHoly Saturday is the day in whichno Mass is celebrated and noCommunion is given. 9. Easter TraditionsEaster, over time, has been enriched bycustoms. In particular the custom to givechocolate eggs as presents dates back toancient rites. The ancient Persians and Greeksgave eggs as presents in spring (symbol of theawakening of nature) 10. The Race of the Angelin Lacco Ameno 11. The race of the Angel is a sacred representation. It takes place in Lacco Ameno onEaster Sunday. The race has ancient roots and its a show which involves theaudience, taking them into a strong and exciting dimension to spiritual depth.The show takes place among the chants of the crowd. 12. The race of the angel is very old and dates backto about 1600 13. Lacco Ameno is definitely one of the municipalities of the island where folktraditions have their own particular charm.The "race of the Angel" takes place in Saint Restituta square every Easter andit wants to play the meeting of the Madonna and her child rose from thedead.During this race people live various moments with intense emotion.Mystical reason and pagan motifs rich in superstition and legend mixtogether. 14. A procession formed by a small parade, the banner and the blue plume of white ostrichfeathers, the cross of the Brotherhood, the statue of the Angel. The statue of theMadonna, the clergy and the statue of the Risen Christ leaves on Easter morning fromchurch of the Assumption and arrives in the square.At the end of the celebration of the solemn Mass begins the delightful representation.A small stage is set up in front of the Municipality palace and its recreated the tombwhere the body of Jesus was laid.The local boys are offered to interpret the Roman soldiers guarding the tomb. 15. So the representation begins and statues of St Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary(carried on the shoulders of the believers) go to the tomb to accommodate the remainsof Jesus. There they discover that the tomb is empty and return back to the apostles towarn them of the disappearance of the body. Meantime the angel leaves to make theannouncement of the resurrection and for three times it runs to the tomb. It does threeobeisances each time he runs.During the angels race the tinkling of the bells tied to his hand is peculiar . Suddenly aroar breaks the air, the soldiers fall to the ground and the rock which closes the tombmoves up showing the statue of the risen Christ. Then a flock of doves is released intothe sky accompanied by the sound of the bells of the nearby Basilica of Santa Restitutaand fireworks. 16. After the representation all thestatues, carried on the shoulders ofthe believers, accompanied by aprocession, are reported in thechurches where they are kept.Its a very old show and lots of peopleplan to see it every year.Some days earlier people who carrythe statues have various tests tosynchronize the movements duringthe run of the angel.It is a show deeply felt by theinhabitants of Lacco Ameno and it isattractive for the tourists who reallyenjoy to see it. All viewers see it iseither in the sun or in the rain. 17. Here are the statues they take part in the race of the angel 18. St.MariaMaddalena 19. TheMadonna 20. RisenChrist 21. St.John 22. TheAngel 23. Food at Easter in IschiaEaster on the island of Ischia is different from other religious and pagantraditions in Europe. Easter is one of the most popular festivals in Ischia for theplenty of food. 24. Easter recipes in IschiaThe Neapolitan gastronomy has certainly been influenced by various peoples(Phoenicians, Greeks and Arabs). The first Neapolitan recipe dates back to 1765.In 1884, in Ischia, people began to cook new dishes and then they became partof the traditions. 25. Lunch at EasterStarterAmong the various starters there is the casatiello. It is a bread with saltand pepper and garnished with eggs and shell. It is eaten at Easter and can berustic or sweet.Ingredients :Flour 600 g., Lard 225 g., Yeast 50 g., Salt, Pepper, 6 eggs with shell, Roman cheese (2 spoons),Parmesan cheese (2 spoons) 26. Other StartersPizza with escaroleFried pizza stuffed with ricotta and salami, pizza escarole(vegetables), widespread throughout southern ItalyIngredients :Flour 500 g., yeast 25 g., lard 150 g., salt and pepper, warm water, escarole 1 kg ,garlic (1 glove), cappers 50 g., black olives 100 g., anchovies 100 g., pepper. 27. Baked LambIngredients: Lamb 2kg , lard 60 g., olive oil 60 ml, , garlic (1 glove),rosemary, potatoes 1 kg. 28. Corn cake PastieraDuring Holy Week, and especially from Thursday or Friday, kitchens inLacco Ameno and in Ischia elate with their perfumes those who wish toenjoy a delicacy from the ancient tradition: the pastiera. It is a cakeprepared just before Easter to bring out the goodness and from the firsttasting it amazes with emotions, bringing forth memories of when, aschildren, they anxiously awaited the approach of Easter, in a festiveatmosphere of joy. The rich taste, full-bodied and definite, is given by thegrain mixed with ricotta cheese, cream, candied fruit, and with the aftertasteof the orange blossoms aroma, in a harmony of flavors that makeunforgettable lunches with relatives and friends, chatting, laughing, withchocolate eggs and a possible glass of the delicious Limoncello. 29. Red EggsProbably this custom has its roots in the early domination of the island by settlerscoming from peninsula of Eubea in Greece. They were the first settlers in Pithecusa(ancient name of the island Ischia). In fact, still in the Balkan tradition and Greekorthodox hard-boiled eggs are colored red and you can eat them in the Easterdinner and in the following days, too. This simple custom of coloring eggs attestshow many traditions can still talk to the people heart from generation togeneration. 30. This activity has been done by the students (lowersecondary) of the Istituto Comprensivo StataleVincenzo Mennella, Lacco Ameno , Italia.(May 2013)