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As there is such a fast growth of planned data integration projects, estimation of the available and free market share is more than 80% at the moment. Adoption of both, Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate, continues to grow rapidly within the Oracle DBMS and applications customer base. This gives significant services and license resale opportunity for Oracle partners. And finally, after placing significant engineering investments in these products we are preparing launch of new, consolidated and updated Oracle Data Integration specialization! Both through our webcasts and the EMEA-wide DIS Community @, we would like to prepare you for quick start. Participating in specialization beta testing you can be in the first group to reach this strategic Oracle specialization between all worldwide experts. Oracle has ready official recognition for such achievement! Read More


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  • 9. Copyright 2012, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.9Oracle (Source) Oracle (Target)ApplyASMRedo/Archive LogsCaptureLGWR126745 8TrailCapture DeliveryNative TCP/IP1 2 33ASMRedo/Archive LLOGMINER LGWR91045Source Server(CPU %)Through-put(ops/sec)Streams Latency(secs)GGS Latency(secs)~80% 8,000 6 2.7~45% 5,000 2.7 1.5~20% 2,500 2 1.3Features OWB basic ODI-EEOracle DB Targets Y YNon-Oracle Sources Oracle Gateways YSlowly Changing Dimensions (type 1) Y YOLAP Targets (Oracle + Essbase) Oracle OLAP only YBuilt-in Scheduler Oracle DBMS only YNon-Oracle DB Targets - YChanged Data Capture (including OGG integration) - YWeb Services (API & Src/Trgt) & XML Targets - YData Lineage / Impact Analysis - YDeclarative Design Environment - YSlowly Changing Dimensions (2 & 3) - YLoad Plans, Parallel Execution and Restartability - YJEE Deployment , Clustering and High Availability - YJava based SDK for full Programmatic Control - YUnified Management and Administration with OEM - YPre-built Integration with OBI-EE, Hyperion, SOA/AIA, etc. - YOWB missing thesefunctionalities. ODIhas them!Streams 8000 throughput in 6seconds. OGG 2.7 seconds!Streams 9 steps configuration.OGG 5 steps!Roadmap For Streams & OWB
  • 10. Copyright 2012, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.10Working with dimensional objectsAre you creating Slowly changing dimensions type 2 or 3? Y/NAre you storing data in OLAP cube-organized materialized views? Y/NAre you defining orphan management policies? Y/NIntegrating with other productsAre you deploying metadata directly to Oracle Discoverer End User Layer? Y/NAre you deriving and deploying metadata to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition? Y/NAdministering Warehouse Builder and its metadata repositoryAre you managing environments, including promoting from development to test to production, using the multiple configurations functionality? Y/NAre you interactively analyzing metadata lineage and impact and automatically propagating metadata change using the Metadata Dependency Manager? Y/NAre you extending the metadata repository using the following: user-defined objects, user-defined associations, user-defined modules, creating icon sets and custom icons Y/NAre you hosting the OWB design repository in an Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) environment (executing in an Oracle RAC does not require this license)? Y/NAccessing sources and targetsDo you use native support for heterogeneous databases, including the definition of new platform types, JDBC connectivity, knowledge modules, and code templates? Y/NDo you use Change Data Capture mappings in ETL? Y/NAre you Publishing and consuming web services, including integrating with process orchestration technologies such as Oracle BPEL Process Manager? Y/NAre you Importing Cobol copybooks using the built-in wizard? Y/NAre you Targeting XML files? Y/NDesigning and executing ETL jobsAre you utilizing right-time data warehousing queues and real-time mappings? Y/NAre you reusing and embedding mapping code with pluggable mappings? Y/NAre you specifying the load order of multiple targets in a single mapping? Y/NAre you partitioning and parallelizing updates to tables by utilizing the data chunking feature? Y/NAre you scheduling ETL jobs using the built-in Schedule interface?