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  • > Participants will learn how to better deal with photographic imagery in the marketing workflow

    > Participants will develop a holistic business strategy toward photography

    > Participants will discuss and workshop:

    1. how to incorporate photographic style in brand standards and use it to differentiate your firm

    2. how to develop a creative brief to guide the work of outsourced photographers

    3. how to insource and crowdsource images

    4. training site personnel in photo basics

    5. how to plan a photo shoot

    6. managing costs & usage rights

    7. updating your firm’s contracts

    8. billable hours & additional services scope

    9. keeping internal clients happy while getting what marketers need

    Learning Objectives

  • > The creative brief is your primary tool for managing the relationship with a photographer on any given project

    > It is also a ‘creative contract’ that can ensure all parties get what they need from the shoot

    > Common Elements of Creative Briefs:

    1. background information about project

    2. identity / brand of client

    3. business goals of project

    4. deliverables

    5. creative direction: concepts, tone of voice

    6. mandatories (things that are not negotiable and must appear)

    7. styling / details

    8. intended end use / media factors

    (Factors like usage rights, timeframe, compensation, etc. usually appear in a contract.)

    The Creative Brief


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