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  • 1. Week 10 Session 3 Unit 6ADT4305

2. Run a pencil around the pin-dam to help with the cutting of the second sheet of wax. 3. Cut and shape a length of strengthening wire to fit 5mm inside the pindam, termin ating 5mm short of the post-damPencil line can be seen through the wax sheet to help you cut it to size3 4. Run a blunt blade along the pindam to cut the wax up to and into the prepared groove4 5. Any areas that are short of wax should be filled with molten modelling wax prior to the application of the second sheet of wax 6. Setting the two teeth 7. The lateral incisor leans slightly away from the median lineThe central incisor stands vertical or at right angles to the occlusal plane7 8. Approximate position of replacement teeth 9. Tooth mould codeTooth shade codeArtificial replacement teeth are supplied on separate cards of anteriors and posteriors of an appropriate shape for the case that is being made9 10. Trim the tooth carefully to fit around the model so it fits against the mesial surface of the other central10 11. Palatal view should show that the tooth follows the natural curvature of the dental arch 11 12. The buccal face of the tooth should be angled to reflect the neighbouring central incisor 12 13. The lateral incisor is placed but remember to raise it off the occlusal plane by 1mm13 14. 14 15. The lateral incisor is titled back further than the central incisor15