part 4/4 pandoras box ii - the denver international airport story by alex christopher

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The Table of Contents should pretty well serve as a summary of this book. The Denver International Airport, The May 1995 lecture by Phil Shneider, The Genesis and History of the Cosmic Conflict, The Descendants of Mu and Atlantis, British Israel : Steps Toward A British Union and a World State, What is Fasces and Fascism, Masonic Enslavement, Did AT&T Have a Baby Devil ?, Ancient Mysteries, Central Banking & The Money System, Inside the Shadow CIA, Tunnel Boring Patent, High Velocity Aircraft Patent, FEMA 41-10, Biological Diversity, The Hollow Earth, Denver Airport Mural Study, Land Dealing, Denver International Airport Capstone (Masonic Compass and Square), Underground Tour of DIA, Private Conversation With Phil Shneider, Contact With A Being From Andromeda (Well, we might as well hear what he or she has to say). There is some very Extremely Important Information in this book. Color photos of Denver Airport Wall Murals.


MURAL STUDYThe four large murals at the entrance into the Great Hall, are very unique, and profound.Because of all of the conspiracy knowledge and the secret society symbols and odd things in theGreat Hall and other areas of the airport it is easy to look at these murals and really get youwheels turning.I was so concerned about the messages that I was reading in the pictures that I contacted theartist. The artist had a wonderfully laid out "canned" reply to every question that you ask himand he seems like a really nice person. But you can't always judge a book by its' cover. Hestated that the art commission from the airport had a planning group with guidelines and acriteria for them to follow. And that each artist that entered the contest to be the artist to do thepainting had to write a detailed description of the content of the paintings that .they proposed tocreate for the airport murals. Well that sounds fair doesn't it.By the time I traveled from the eastern part of the united States back to Denver to see the lasttwo murttls that he was finishing to put into the airport, the story had changed. The guidelineswere no more, and never were. By this time all rules had disappeared and the winning artist hadtotal control over the paintingsWhile in Denver to see the airport again, I got to talk to some other artist that had also enteredthe so called art contest and they said, that there was no contest that the artist was picked longago and it was all a show for the public. Stories have really changed.At this time after almost seven months of researching the things that I have found at the Denverairport, all;:mg with other researcher that were aiding me, it is my opinion that there had to be a probably controlling the content of the paintings. It is either that or this artist has the samereligion, which -is and the same mine set or he was subliminally controlled. Youwould have to do toni..not pounds of research to put this many things together in a congruenttheme and art flow. I have done paintings before and I know that these things didn't justhappen, not with the impact that the meanings have.Before I go any further I would like to say that it is my opinion that these paintings are not ofwhat has happened in the past, they just can't be. What I really think they are is the "New Worl


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