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  • Committees and Programs Hospitality Committee Rev6 May, 2013

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    Redeemer Baptist Church Hospitality Committee

    Purpose: To cheer and support the congregation by coordinating church-wide

    fellowships and receptions; providing meals to members and members families that may be suffering illness, be homebound; be in bereavement, or suffering in other circumstances where supplying such meals would be appropriate; and

    coordinate church decorations and flower displays.

    Member Qualifications:

    Members of the Hospitality Committee should be active members in good

    standing of Redeemer Baptist Church. Five or more members shall normally comprise this committee

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    Church Fellowships and Receptions Plan and promote church wide fellowships not specifically assigned to another

    committee. Plan and promote fellowships or receptions honoring a church member, staff

    member or special visitor. Responsible for planning any needed decorations, table arrangements, and enlisting volunteers for clean-up.

    Coordinate supply of food and refreshments, enlisting volunteers to provide

    food and refreshments as appropriate. Monitor and purchase supplies associated with church fellowship and

    reception activities and operation of the kitchen. Mercy Ministry

    Coordinate volunteers to provide meals and/or services to individuals and families in need or on bereavement.

    When informed of a need (ex. Death, severe health problems, etc.) to provide meals to encourage members, friends and families of the church, inform the appropriate Sunday School teacher (teacher/class could elect

    someone besides teacher to receive these requests for the class). The Sunday School Teacher or appointed class member should coordinate the

    class assistance in meeting of the need. Offer assistant to the Sunday school classes as needed if they request help

    meeting the need. If the appropriate Sunday School class cannot meet the

    need, the contact from other Sunday School classes should be informed of the ministry opportunity.

    Inform the Deacon assigned to the individual/family in need to ensure that they are aware of the need. Advise the deacon of any specific needs.

    Flowers Provide appropriate decorations and floral arrangements for regular and

    special services, and for other occasions when it would be appropriate, such as seasonal decorations at Christmas time, Easter, etc.

  • Committees and Programs Hospitality Committee Rev6 May, 2013

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    Supervise the care for living and artificial floral arrangements in the church buildings and vestibule.

    Seek to involve other church members, who enjoy giving flowers for special occasions.

    Kitchen and Fellowship Hall Responsibilities: The committee is responsible for the kitchen and the fellowship hall, other than when the facilities are used by the

    Christian academy. Church-related responsibilities include the following. Order and keep sufficient supplies of paper goods, coffee, or other food

    supplies normally furnished by the church. These supplies are to be used for church functions only.

    Maintain sufficient silverware and cooking equipment as required for the

    kitchen to function adequately. Keep storerooms orderly and clean.

    Clean out refrigerators and freezers periodically. Food left over from functions should not be left but taken home or thrown out. The freezer(s) should be defrosted when needed.

    Schedule use of the kitchen with the church secretary and post on the calendar of events. Monitor to see that those who use the kitchen leave all

    church utensils and equipment clean and put away and counters and sinks are clean. Dishwashers should be turned on.

    Maintain a supply of clean dishcloths and towels Report breakdowns or malfunctions of equipment to the church secretary or

    the team leader.

    Church Decorations: This committee is responsible for church decorations in the

    sanctuary and vestibule areas. Activities will include the following. Select appropriate decorations (e.g., fall and spring promotions, Easter,

    Thanksgiving, Christmas), install them, and remove them for discard or

    storage. Change the centerpiece in the sanctuary at least with the seasons. Special

    centerpieces could be sponsored by others, but should not remain past the season.

    Other Responsibilities The committee chairman will work with the other committee members to

    submit an annual budget to the Stewardship and Finance Committee for review and approval.

    The chairman will monitor expenses to stay within the approved budgets.

    Any expenditure outside of the budgets must be approved in a business meeting.

    The chairman of the committee will ensure receipts are submitted promptly to the church office, and must sign all requests for reimbursement.

    The committee will manage the use of the kitchen and supplies to ensure

    they are kept in order and ready for the needs of the church. This committee has a directed fund budget account for fees and donations

    collected for unbudgeted expenses. The committee will inform the church body when donations to cover unbudgeted expenses would be appropriate.

  • Committees and Programs Hospitality Committee Rev6 May, 2013

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    The committee shall make reports to the church body at business meetings when circumstances and activity make it appropriate.

    Term of Service:

    Members will be asked to serve for three years. Nothing will prevent a member from serving additional terms if the member desires and the church body is in agreement.

    Clarifications: While the committee is not responsible for hosting baby and bridal

    showers or weddings; they may provide assistance to those hosting such events as the committee sees fit.

    Staff Contact Point: Director of Pastoral Care per Organization Chart


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