Parents Should Prepare Children Before They Move

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Parents Should Prepare Children Before They Move

Parents Should Prepare Children Before They Move By Moving APT Florida

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For families, moving possessions safely is important, but attending to childrens needs and feelings about the move is vital. Since children rely on predictable routines, a move can be very disconcerting to them. Although parents can talk to their children about the move in language that kids can understand, parents still should prepare for some potential behavior changes after the transition to their new home. Introduction

Some children may not fully understand that the move is permanent until they no longer see familiar sites and friends. Others may initially find spending time in their new rooms uncomfortable and unsettling.

One of the best ways to make a move easier is to prepare in advance. By using a dollhouse to show children how the moving will unfold and how their situation will change can help children prepare for what to expect. Some children respond well to being present when the packers and movers are in the old home, because this gives them tangible exposure to the moving process. For very young children, sleep disruptions and behavioral regressions are normal, but they typically resolve themselves as the children grow comfortable in their new surroundings. Children and Moving