parenting advice - 10 things i wish i'd known before having a baby

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1. HAVING ABABY?Youre going to get a lot of unsolicited advice. Ignore 90% of it. Heres some good advice. 2. 10THINGS I WISH ID KNOWN BEFORE HAVINGABABY! Advice from real parents. 3. Number 10: EVERYONEHAS ANOPINION!Do whats best for you. 4. Number 9: GETONA SCHEDULE!Scheduling allows you to sleep, eat, clean and be a better parent. 5. Number 8: PARENTING ISHARD!Its important to take personal time in order to recalibrate. 6. Number 7: DISCOVER WHOTHEYARE!Dont try to mold your child to what you want. 7. Number 6: BEPREPARED!The unexpected will happen! It happens to everyone. 8. Number 5: BABIESCOME WITHSTUFF!You dont realize it now, but a baby comes with a lot of stuff! Be sure to make room for the baby in advance. 9. Number 4: HOLDONTO THEMEMORIES!Memories are the only thing youll have left when all is said and done. Hold on to the keepsakes that keep those memories alive. 10. Number 3: BEGRATEFUL FORYOURKIDS!Cherish every single minute. 11. Number 2: DONTBEHARD ONYOURSELF!Every parent has rough days. Remember this is a massive change and youre going to feel every emotion on both sides of the spectrum. 12. Number 1: SOMUCHLOVE!The one thing you cant understand or prepare yourself for is all the love. Be prepared to love something more than you ever have. It will be the best thing youve ever done. 13. RELAXYOURE DOINGGREAT!(Hopefully) 14. WATCHREAL PARENTS ADVICE ON WHAT THEY WISH THEY WOULD HAVE KNOWN BEFORE BABY. Watch Now