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<p>Moving On 2001GRADE 8 END OF YEAR EVENTS: 2013-2014</p> <p>Dear Parents and Grade Eight Students:</p> <p>As the conclusion of the school year approaches, we look forward to the four special culminating events for Grade 8 Students: the Dinner-Dance, Community Outreach Day, Fun Day, and the Moving-On Ceremony. We have included a brief description of each event below. Note that attendance is required, as these events are a part of the Grade 8 schedule. However, students are not required to attend classes on June 4. Kindly fill in the permission slip and have your child return it to his/her Advisory Teacher by Friday, May 09th. The cost of the activities is P3,000.00 which needs to be paid at the Cashiers office by Friday, May 09th. Please write International School Manila on your check/payment to avoid any confusion in the business office. Furthermore, an updated calendar of all Grade 8 events can be found at </p> <p>Thank you for your cooperation, </p> <p>The Grade 8 Team</p> <p>Dinner Dance Friday, May 30th</p> <p>The Dinner-Dance will be held at ISM (Lofthouse) on Friday, May 30th from 7:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. The theme for the evening is New York: Big Lights, Big City. Students will be released early from school on the day at 12 noon to get ready for the Dinner Dance. This event is for Grade 8 ISM students only. It is a semi-formal event and students should dress in appropriate attire (see attached). A photographer will be taking photos throughout the evening. These photos will be consolidated on a DVD and available at a later date. Students should be picked up at 10:00 P.M. sharp.</p><p>Community Outreach Day Monday, June 2nd</p> <p>On Monday June 2nd, students will participate in one of several service and environmental projects. Students will be placed at one of their top three choices. This is an all day event intended to give students one more opportunity to reach out to their community as a group. Students should come to school as usual (except the CCV group who will meet at 6:45 A.M. by the ES Playground) and will be back in time to catch their regularly scheduled busses. Information about this trip event will be forthcoming.</p><p>Fun Day Tuesday, June 3rd</p> <p>On Tuesday, June 3rd, Grade 8 will hold its annual Fun Activity Day on the ISM campus. Attendance will be taken, as this is a scheduled school day and event. Students are required to be at school at the usual time of 7:30 A.M. for our subject and grade level awards ceremony followed by a day of fun activities. The school day will be finished at 3 pm, so students will be able to catch their regular busses home. Lunch will be provided. We also advise your son/daughter to bring the following items: water bottle, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, camera, sports gear, a cap and sunglasses. The Middle School Salinlahi Yearbooks will also be distributed on this day and available for signing. </p><p>Moving-On Ceremony Wednesday, June 4th</p> <p>The Moving-On Ceremony will begin in the Fine Arts Theater (FAT) at 4:00 P.M. on Wednesday, June 4th. Grade 8 students do not have classes on this day. Please arrange for your daughter/son to report to the AMR no later than 3:00 P.M. for rehearsal. Dress for the ceremony is listed on the reverse side of this sheet. Advisory teachers will assemble the students in processional order in the AMR. At the conclusion of the event, light refreshments will be served in the hallway outside the FAT. </p> <p>Pictures: An official photographer will be on site for the Moving-On Ceremony. A standard photo package is included in the above overall fee. A photo of your child will be taken when he/she receives the Middle School Diploma. During the ceremony, parents should not approach the stage for photo purposes. If you would like a DVD of the Moving On ceremony, this can be ordered at the conclusion of the ceremony and will cost approximately P150.00. If you wish to have family photos taken by the photographer, please arrive in plenty of time before the scheduled meeting time below.</p> <p>. cut here..</p> <p>End of Year Events: Permission Slip</p> <p>___________________________________ (PRINT FULL NAME) has permission to participate in all Grade 8 End-of-Year Events. </p> <p>Parents Name: ___________________________ Parent Signature: ____________________________________</p> <p>Indicate Health Concerns or Dietary Restrictions for Community Outreach Day and Fun Day below: </p> <p>Receipt #:</p> <p>Payment of P3000 is due on or before Friday, May 09th. </p> <p>Please indicate your receipt number from the cashiers office: </p> <p>The signed permission slip must be returned to students Advisory Teachers on or before Friday, May 09th.</p> <p>If you have any questions, please call the Middle School Office at 840-8550.</p><p>Dress Guidelines:</p> <p>Dress for Dinner-Dance</p> <p>Girls</p> <p> Girls can wear a formal outfit: from a simple party dress to a gown. Bare bellies, very short skirts and apron type tops are not acceptable. </p> <p> Please dont feel like gowns are necessary since this is a dinner-dance and not a prom. </p> <p> Dresses may be strapless as long as they are tasteful.</p> <p>Boys</p> <p> Boys should wear a coat and tie, shirt and tie, or barong with dress shoes and socks. </p> <p> No sneakers or jeans </p> <p>All</p> <p> Students may be asked to return home for a change of clothing if their overall appearance is unacceptable for the occasion.</p> <p>Dress for Community Outreach Day</p> <p> House T-shirts and Shorts </p> <p> Sandals and/or athletic shoes </p> <p> Exception: Habitat for Humanity participants should wear athletic shoes and pants or shorts that they dont mind getting dirty!</p> <p>Dress for Fun Day*</p> <p>All </p> <p> Shorts/t-shirts/tank tops are fine </p> <p> Sandals and/or athletic shoes</p> <p> Bring swim suit/towel.dont forget a hat and some sunscreen please.</p> <p>*Changing rooms/showers are available at school.</p> <p>Dress for Moving-On</p> <p>Girls</p> <p> Girls should dress in proper attire. Spaghetti straps, bare backs/bellies and halters are not acceptable (covered shoulders). A blouse and skirt / slacks or a dress are considered proper attire.</p> <p> Wear comfortable shoes that will allow you to walk up/down the risers. </p> <p> Sneakers or jeans are not acceptable.</p> <p> No short skirts (You will be sitting on the stage facing the audience.)</p> <p>Boys</p> <p> Boys should dress in proper attire.</p> <p> A dress shirt or barong with nice slacks is considered proper attire.</p> <p> Jacket/ties are optional.</p> <p> Sneakers or jeans are not acceptable.</p> <p>All</p> <p> Students may be asked to return home for a change of clothing or be asked to sit out the ceremony if their overall appearance is unacceptable for the occasion.</p>


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