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Paraphrase & Summary Follow along

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  1. 1. Paraphrase & Summary Follow along
  2. 2. Who does an idea belong to?
  3. 3. Build on ideas Some?mes, if an idea is especially well-stated, we might want to use a direct quote.
  4. 4. Why quote? Language is special (e.g., poe?c, not easily rephrased). Original authors wording is important
  5. 5. But most of the ?me, we just want to paraphrase an original text.
  6. 6. Rewrite an idea in your own words, but s?ll give the original author credit.
  7. 7. How to paraphrase Rewrite the informa?on (your own words and word order). Keep the authors original meaning. Give the author credit for the idea.
  8. 8. Remember 1. Rewrite the idea.
  9. 9. Remember 1. Rewrite 2. Original meaning the idea.
  10. 10. Remember 1. Rewrite 2. Original meaning. 3. Credit for the idea.
  11. 11. How to create a paraphrase Quote: Of all the fruits Ive ever tasted, banana is the most delicious (Smart, 2013, p. 3). What are the important ideas in this sentence?
  12. 12. What does a paraphrase look like? Quote: Of all the fruits Ive ever tasted, banana is the most delicious (Smart, 2013, p. 3). 1. Smart (2013) says that he likes bananas more than other fruit. 2. Banana has been veried as the authors favorite fruit (Smart, 2013). 3. Smart (2013) claims that bananas are his favorite fruit.
  13. 13. Lets prac?ce paraphrasing
  14. 14. Sample student essay Two underlined sentences are paraphrases, but they do not meet our criteria.
  15. 15. Ac?vity With your partners, revise the two paraphrases so that they meet all three criteria: 1. Rewrite with your own words and word order 2. Keep the original meaning 3. Credit the author Submit your groups answers here:
  16. 16. Summary The cousin of paraphrase
  17. 17. Summary Write a shorter version than the original text. Summarize essays, books, ar?cles in your wri?ng maybe as a paragraph or single sentence.
  18. 18. Summary: Ingredients 1. Iden?fy main ideas and important informa?on from the overall text. 2. Rewrite the main ideas in our own words. 3. Keep the original meaning. 4. Give the author credit.
  19. 19. Lets prac?ce Ar?cle from the NY Daily News Ar?cle on using video technology in football matches. 624 words How do we summarize it?
  20. 20. made using
  21. 21. Secret Tip! Stuck on nding a synonym? Visit hgp:// Put in your search term like this [=game]
  22. 22. Synonyms for game from Corpus Event 39,611 CompeBBon 30,000 Sport 26,454 Entertainment 16,229 Match 10,701 Contest 9,240
  23. 23. Presenta?on, materials, and references? Go here: or here: