Paradigm Study in the New Rural Landscape Design and Innovation

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<ul><li><p>Paradigm Study In The New Rural Landscape Design and Innovation </p><p>Li jiao </p><p>Luoshi Road, School of Art and Design and Hua Xia College of Wuhan University of Technology, </p><p>Wuhan, Hubei, 430070, China </p><p> </p><p>Key words: new rural countryside, design innovation, landscape design, design study. </p><p>Abstract: It is the starting point and destination of the planning of the new rural construction to design the new rural landscape, protect th e village environment, historical and cultural heritage, </p><p>maintain the system of grass- roots belief and establish a dynamic and harmonious society. The old </p><p>village should not be completely razed, and also it should not be completely changed by the city. </p><p>Through the patterns of the village landscape, the ecology, history, culture of the rural landscape and </p><p>the process of social life can go with continuity and regeneration. </p><p>Intruduction: </p><p>Since the propose on of the construction of new socialism countryside at the Seventeenth National </p><p>Congress of the Communist Party of China, the government throughout the country, the planning and </p><p>design institute of the landscapes response positively and the rural landscapes all our countries have </p><p>gone an unprecedented constructed. But all of them have the same pattern when they were </p><p>investigated locally. There is neither cultural property nor folk roots. If things go on in this way it </p><p>must lead to the loss of native culture. In this paper, it mainly from the angle of landscape planning to </p><p>discuss the following aspects such as the misunderstanding, principles and contents of the landscape </p><p>design of new countrysides to try to find a correct path of new rural landscape design. </p><p>The new rural Landscape Design Status </p><p>Many overall planning projects in towns and villages are all completed by architects, planners, yet </p><p>the landscape designers rarely participate from the beginning phase which leads to the passiveness of </p><p>the landscape design. So in the landscape design of the towns and the villages, it is still in disorder, </p><p>and has no uniform landscape planning. [1]</p><p>1) The awareness of the majority farmers has not be formed. Through investigation, it is found that neither the government orgnazation of villages and towns </p><p>nor various types of building owners, quite a part of people have not aware the importance of rural </p><p>landscape design and their awareness is still in a drowsy state. This will directly lead to the residents </p><p>without consciousness of protecting vernacular landscape relics and folk features and it is designed </p><p>destructively by the landscape designers to the blind spots of local culture. </p><p>2) The serious "image project" "Image project" brings "beautification under upstart consciousness". The construction of new </p><p>socialist countryside is simply regards as "wide roads, ocean housing" by some leaders who are eager </p><p>in the pursuit of political cadres. And it results in irreversible destructive construction of China's rural </p><p>land ecological and native heritage landscape. The new rural construction has become a fig leaf in </p><p>certain poor rural. The rural backward mud tile- roofed house was tightly covered by the so called" </p><p>cultural landscape wall". </p><p>3) Uncivilized phenomenon of rural landscape With the development of economic strength, it appears a batch of rich villages and towns. But these </p><p>rich peasants in the process of the construction of towns and villages consist a lot of villas have not </p><p>achieve best cost- effective of the investment. And it mainly performs in space, words, advertisement </p><p>and garbage and other actions that will pollute people's visual. The visual pollution can greatly reduce </p><p>and meanwhile mislead the perception degree of rural landscape beauty. [2]</p><p>Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols. 253-255 (2013) pp 89-92Online available since 2012/Dec/13 at (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerlanddoi:10.4028/</p><p>All rights reserved. No part of contents of this paper may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permission of TTP, (ID:, Georgia Tech Library, Atlanta, USA-14/11/14,15:33:43)</p><p>http://www.scientific.net</p></li><li><p>The Principles of New Rural Landscape Design </p><p>In view of the current development of the construction of new rural and the result of on-the-spot </p><p>investigation, the demolition activities in the new rural landscape design and planning are should not </p><p>be done dramatically. Neither the economic conditions allowed, nor did it meet the scientific </p><p>philosophy of low carbon environmental. Under this background, the landscape planning of villages </p><p>and towns should be on the basis of respecting the original morphology of the country and put an end </p><p>to the ruthless destruction of natural mountains. For it should focus on the historic building repair, </p><p>maintain the original. Through years of design experience of new countryside the following </p><p>principles are summed up. </p><p>The landscape designers should actively involve in many types of multidisciplinary cooperation </p><p>during landscape planning and make the landscape planning scheme with implement. </p><p>During the process of landscape design, peoples involvement in the landscape elements not only </p><p>should be taken seriously but also the embodiment of the masses on the Sui before it should be paid </p><p>more attention to. Before the design understanding the public opinions and afterwards reflect public </p><p>opinions can not only put an end to the phenomenon of the" cultural modesty wall", but also it can </p><p>minimize the blind cultural heritage at the most. The ultimate goal of village landscape design is </p><p>providing the villagers with better space facilities and social environment in their living, work and </p><p>culture needs. The point people-oriented should be put in the construction of new rural, and the </p><p>relationship between human beings and space environment should be well handled. We should create </p><p>pleasant activity space and leisure living atmosphere. According to the order of </p><p>"people-Landscape-people" to express the design intention, study the behavioral psychology of the </p><p>relationship between the landscape and green space and meanwhile make the landscape possessed </p><p>with ecological function, recreational function and other features and find the most suitable </p><p>environment balance of these functions. </p><p>Remediation plan should highlight the village characteristics and reflect the local flavor. Many </p><p>villages have the unique geographical environment, natural landscape, cultural customs and </p><p>landscape and if these special development conditions were use or grasp properly, then a typical </p><p>characteristic can be formed to bring social and economic benefits and development foreground to the </p><p>country. Local color leaf trees, fruit trees and blossom tree species act as the courtyard and the village </p><p>green trees of each and every family in many countrysides, which was a good mining and utilization </p><p>in the embodiment of local culture landscape environment construction. The local tree species were </p><p>determined as the village trees which can be used in public activities, such as center small garden and </p><p>the landscape node. Gradually a new ecological countryside with a strong local flavor can be formed. </p><p>1) The harmony principle between human beings and nature It will be in mutual coordination and harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature </p><p>through environmental design and create a high-quality living environment, thus enhance the quality </p><p>of life. In addition, we must avoid the contending for land and farm land with farmers, only can we </p><p>use the idle wasteland, roads, canals, lakes and courtyards outside the farmland to carry out the </p><p>construction. The best work of the garden courtyard is the organic combination of the three </p><p>complements. </p><p>2) The sustainable economic development principle The construction of rural landscape is always in an awkward, neglected status largely due to </p><p>economic reasons. Practical considerations in construction are regards as of importance in all </p><p>important things. </p><p>The paradigm study of the new rural landscape design innovation </p><p>Rural characteristic economy gets a swift and sharp development and the industrial structure is </p><p>optimized ceaselessly, the agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, aquaculture and orchard planting </p><p>modes ripen gradually. It should reflects the characteristics of ecological environmental protection </p><p>and rich civilization and the regional property in the new rural landscape planning. A new rural </p><p>landscape pattern is being formed by new rural ecological landscape, new rural production and new </p><p>rural settlement landscape. </p><p>90 Sustainable Development of Urban Infrastructure</p></li><li><p>We should suit our measures to local conditions, in the light of its general trend to maintain the </p><p>original species composition, the integrity of ecological system and construct a typical ecology </p><p>landscape according to the geographic conditions, geological conditions and climate of the specific </p><p>new rural environment. </p><p>1) new countryside landscape design in plain type The areas of plain farmland has the open vision, the regular rectangular farmland landscape is the </p><p>background of the new rural landscape. A small number of villages and planting surrounding the </p><p>houses are the plaque of the new rural landscape, the arranged irrigation canals in a crisscross pattern </p><p>are the corridor. Such as the farmland ecological security, farmland productivity, biodiversity </p><p>conservation, sustainable land use, landscape and leisure experience. It requires increasing the </p><p>landscape ecological engineering construction content, consolidating the relationship between </p><p>agricultural production and land sustainable utilization in the developing process of the new rural </p><p>farmland landscape planning. And also we should maintain farmland biodiversity, construct new </p><p>countryside environment. </p><p>2) New rural productive landscape design Rural area is mainly based on the agricultural production. The productive landscape of the new </p><p>countryside is critical to human survival. Human beings and nature should be in harmony in the </p><p>transform process and the natural peace, "the unity of heaven and man" should be reflected. In these </p><p>days, the concept of green and ecological environmental protection is in ceaseless day by day, the </p><p>status of agriculture and tourism are promoted increasingly and go sightseeing agriculture </p><p>development road has become "green economy" mainstream. [3]</p><p>3) New rural area of planting landscape design The unique agricultural planting should be restored, new rural plantation landscape should be </p><p>developed, concentrated planting plaque should be protected in the construction of new rural. The </p><p>plaque reduction trend due to human activities should be changed. Meanwhile we should return the </p><p>original ecological landscape structure to the land. The sound natural features and the relative </p><p>stability of the balance of ecological environment of new countryside should be developed. New </p><p>socialist countryside has a variety of vegetation, and in the whole consideration of land utilization, </p><p>biological and time resources and other aspects. </p><p>4) New rural aquaculture landscape design New rural breeding landscape brings rich content and interests to the new rural landscape. And the </p><p>rural breeding landscape consists of animal landscape and fishery landscape. In the former landscape, </p><p>animal is the main component of animal resources, Water sources should be protected and fish habitat </p><p>can be provided if proper artificial waters are excavated and achieve the purpose of the richness for </p><p>the new rural landscape. The new rural landscape should be known by us and the rural pastoral life be </p><p>experienced. Rural tourism economy should be developed combination with production, life and </p><p>ecological. Then we can feel the sheep hillside, chickens and ducks in courtyard. We can experience </p><p>the exciting and wonderful of catching fish, appreciate the pictures of compete of fish, shrimp and </p><p>turtle for food. 5) New rural settlement landscape design </p><p>The locations of traditional village settlement in China are mostly close to the mountains and rivers which represents the Chinese traditional culture and values. Standing in the North and with its face to the South, and meanwhile with its face to water and mountain on the back is the basic pattern of Chinese traditional settlement and location of buildings. Following this, the village settlement formed is combined skillfully with the natural environment into an organic object of typical ecological significance. Different forms and styles reflect the diversity characteristics of national culture. The new rural landscape construction should be strengthened, the ancient villages and ancient ruins with historical and cultural value should be protected. The connotation and characteristics of the new rural village must be fully taped. The rural characteristics, local characteristics and national features should be paid attention to. In this paper, the new rural landscape is analyzed. Under the promotion of new thought, new materials and the use of new technology, the form of new rural settlement needs to follow local traditions, realize the inheriting of tradition perfectly, and carry forward the modern mission besides meeting the modern lifestyle. </p><p>Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols. 253-255 91</p></li><li><p>Conclusion </p><p>The new rural landscape has simple and natural beauty and keeps a direct and close contact with </p><p>people's ordinary life. The new rural landscape is comprehensively composed of the rural ecological </p><p>landscape, rural production landscape and the rural settlement landscape, which is the development </p><p>direction of the modern new rural landscape. Using scientific theory to guide the planning of new </p><p>rural landscape is promoted, and a new rural landscape pattern with regional characteristics of the </p><p>resources and features in one accord. At the same time a settlement environment of sustainable </p><p>development should be constructed and this pace of new rural area construction been advanced. The </p><p>exploration on the innovation paradigm study of rural landscape design under the background of new </p><p>countryside construction plays an important part in the new rural landscape construction throughout </p><p>the country. </p><p>References </p><p>[1] WangShilan, YouHongtao. The urban design of small towns[M]. Beijing: China architecture </p><p>&amp;building press,2004. </p><p>[2] Chen Zhihua, Lou Qingxi. Local Treasure [M]. Joint Publishing Corporation.2004-11-1. </p><p>[3] Wang Like. Using Native Plants to Create Regional Characteristic Landscape [J]. Modern </p><p>Agricultural Science and Technology 2010(20). </p><p>92 Sustainable Development of Urban Infrastructure</p></li><li><p>Sustainable Development of Urban Infrastructure 10.4028/ Paradigm Study in the New Rural Landscape Design and Innovation 10.4028/ </p><p></p></li></ul>