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Use paper mache to make an easy Christmas tree decoration


  • 1. How to make a paper mache ornament

2. Youll need: cardboard, PVA glue diluted with some water 1:1, newspaper strips, acrylic paints, scissors, brushes, compass or other circle drawing tool, needle, thread and bead 3. Use a compass or a spray cap to draw a circle on the cardboard and cut the circle out. You can cut other geometrical shapes, too, and also irregular shapes, Xmas tree shape or star shape 4. Cover the cardboard shape with newspaper strips that were previously soaked in the PVA glue & water combination. Make sure to follow the shape as close as possible and work nicely around the edge. The newspaper strips must be well covered in glue, but make sure you remove the excess with your fingers. 5. When done, let it dry or use a hair drier to speed up the process. 6. Cover the paper mache shape with two coats of acrylic paint, the color you want for the base. Dry thouroughly (using a hair drier). 7. Paint both sides of the shape with Christmas imagery, using acrylic paint in the colors of your choice. 8. Let it dry and then cover it with two-three coats of translucent, water based, varnish (letting each coat dry before applying the next) 9. Use a large needle to get the thread through the shape, in the direction you prefer. Add a bead at the lower end, securing it with a knot. Make another knot at the other end, for hanging. 10. Enjoy!