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<p>LOTUS FLOWER Need 8 red sheets of 3 x 5.5 (7.5 cm x 13.5 cm) 4 sheets of green of same length put 1 green petal and 2 red petals.fold alternative petals 1st and again other petals skipped one. Then fold the next layer petals. Circle Easter Treat Box Tutorial</p> <p>This little Easter Treat Box is one that I custom designed. It was inspired by a circle card that we learned how to make at Stampin Up!s Leadership Convention. I started with their basic design and altered it into a 3 dimensional box. You can see a side view of the box below:</p> <p>Supplies used for this project: Stamps: A Good Egg Ink: Black Staz On, Basic Black Stampin Spot (you could use a Black Stampin Write Marker), So Saffron and Pumkin Pie Classic Ink, So Saffron and Going Gray WWC (watercolor wonder crayon) Paper: 12" x 12" So Saffron CS, 1 1/2" x 11" piece of Chocolate Chip CS, 1" x 11" piece of Bashful Blue CS, scraps of Whisper White CS and Chocolate Chip CS Accessories: 8" piece and a 6" piece of wide chocolate chip grosgrain ribbon, On Board Ginormous Pieces Chipboard the largest circle was punched out and the "frame" used as a template, corner rounder punch with the guard removed, stamp-a-ma-jig, blender pen, personal paper trimmer with scoring blade, medium cello bag, Stampin Dimensionals, paper snips, white Signo Gel Pen, paper crimper, bone folder</p> <p>You can access the template HERE. Step-by-Step Directions Step 1: Align the template with the top corner of the 12" x 12" piece of So Saffron CS. Using a pencil, trace the outline of the circle. The diameter of the circle is aobut 8 1/2" so if you dont have the template shown below, any circle shape or circle cutter that has a circle of approximately the same size will work. Even if the circle is a tad bit smaller or a tad bit bigger the project will still work.</p> <p>Step 2: Cut out the circle along the pencil lines. Line it up with your grid paper as shown and using a ruler if necessary, make a pencil line on the left and right sides of the circle at 3" and at 3 1/2" as shown.</p> <p>Step 3: Line up the pencil marks with the channels on your personal paper trimmer and score all the way across the circle along both the 3" mark and then the 3 1/2" marks.</p> <p>Step 4: Fold along the 3" score line (using your bone folder) , then line up the fold along the top edge of the personal paper trimmer. You are going to score at: 1 5/8", 2 1/8", 6 3/8" and 6 7/8". **Note: when you are aligning your folded circle, you are NOT lining up the largest part of the circle with these dimensions you are lining up the very top left corner of the fold.</p> <p>Step 5: Crease along all the score lines using your bone folder. Your template will look like this:</p> <p>Step 6: Using your paper snips, cut out the two smaller pieces of the circle, following the innermost (towards the center of the circle) score lines.</p> <p>Step 7: Flip the circle over. Stamp the small flower stamp all over the back of the circle using So Saffron ink. Color in the center of each small flower using a white signo gel pen.</p> <p>Step 8: Flip the template back over, fold in the side flaps, add sticky strip along the left and right edges of the bottom flap as shown in the picture.</p> <p>Step 9: Peel of the backing from the sticky strip and carefully bring up the bottom flap and align and stick onto the side flaps so that the box looks as shown. I found it easier to peel of the backing and stick one side at a time.</p> <p>Step 10: Take your 1 1/2" x 11" strip of Chocolate Chip CS and score and fold at 1 3/4". Lay this fold over the front right edge of the box, and using your fingers carefully shape the belly band around the creases. Do this one crease at a time by gently pinching the CS over the crease to get an "impression" of the crease. After each crease, remove the belly band, place it onto the grid paper and fully crease as shown in Step 11.</p> <p>Step 11: Each time you crease the areas that you pinched, make sure that the sides of the CS strip are aligned, this will ensure your crease line is straight.</p> <p>Step 12: Once you have finished going over step 10 and 11 for each crease, use your corner rounder punch to create a scalloped edge on each side of the CS strip. If youve never used your corner rounder to create a scalloped edge click HERE to see a tutorial that was created by Beate Johns.</p> <p>Step 13: You will be overlapping the ends on the backside of the box. Notice from the picture below, that if you were to do that right now, you would see where the scallops do not quite match up. The next step will help you solve that problem. Before you move on though, take a pencil and make a small mark on the top and bottom right where the flap overlaps. ends.</p> <p>Step 14: Take your paper snips and cut away the scallops from the bottom flap as shown in the picture.</p> <p>Step 15: Attach the belly band. As you can see, now when you overlap the flaps, you no longer see the mis-matched scalloped edges. Use your snips to tidy it up a little if you need to.</p> <p>Step 16: This is what the front of the box now looks like.</p> <p>Step 17: Take your 1" x 11" strip of Bashful Blue CS, score and fold it at 1 3/4", and then shape it around the box, the same way you did the chocolate chip belly band.</p> <p>Step 18: Once youve creased and folded your belly band so that is fits around the box, remove it and on the longer end, stamp "happy easter" just to the left of the score line. Use your Stamp-a-ma-jig if nessary. Mount the band so that it is centered in the chocolate chip band. This time though, the "seam" where the two ends overlap will end up on the front right side of the box. This seam will be covered by the ribbon.</p> <p>Step 19: Take some Chocolate Chip CS scraps and run them through a crimper. Using a paper trimmer or the SU table top cutter, cut them into very thin strips. Crunch up the strips and gently rub them between your palms. This will become the filler for your treat box.</p> <p>Step 20: Tie your 8" piece of ribbon around the Bashful Blue CS strip position it so that it covers where the ends overlap and tie in a knot. Stamp, color and cut out your chick and the half egg shell and mount. Fill your medium cello bag with your treats -remember the box is only 1/2" deep so the treats have to lay relatively flat. Tie the cello bag shut with the 6" piece of ribbon tied ina knot. Place a little tissue on the inside bottom of the box for "padding", insert your treat then stuff a little filler along both sides. Youre done! Birthday Box : LID : 12 x 12 inch Card stock score all 4 side at 2 and cut upto the score line up and down. Bottom: Take a 12 x 12 inch card stock and cut 1/8 on 2 sides of card stock. Score all 4 sides at 2 and fold all the score lines cut slits up and down Apply sticky strip on 4 sides of the slit made above on the up side. Close the box</p> <p>Twinkle Twinkle little Star... with NO adhesive</p> <p>Hi girls .. Here is the Star tutorial I really hope this makes sense to you .. 1st of all you will need a 6x6 piece of Designer paper , Bone folder, Cutter ( for scoring) Scissors and a long body stapler and some type of cord or ribbon Thats it ... Ok are you ready to begin ? Remember you can click photo to enlarge .</p> <p>Score your 6x6 piece of Designer paper at 1,2,3,4,&amp; 5</p> <p>what ever side you want your star design to be you will lay your 6x6 piece of DS paper face down ( shown in photo )</p> <p>Start by folding your DS paper accordian style as shown</p> <p>in photo. Continue folding by flipping and folding until you reached the end</p> <p>This will be what the TOP of your star accordian fold will look like REMEMBER this is the TOP with the 3 mountain tops and YOU will be cutting the other side " Bottom " ( This is VERY important girls )</p> <p>Next you will Then insert your accordian folded strip into your cutter and score a light mark at 3" this will be the center of your strip ( This mark only severs as a reminder for the next step .. If you can eye ball the center then skip this step Hee! Hee!</p> <p>Ok Now using the long body stapler you will staple in the center ( as shown in this photo ) over top of the light score line you made in previous step</p> <p>Ok now we are ready for cutting .. REMEMBER you will always be cutting on the BOTTOM side ( Refer back to step 5) ok place your thumb over the center staple and this will serve as your guide where to cut I am right handed so my cuts and the bottom of the strip is facing right ( Very important girls )</p> <p>Ok now start cutting at an angle to the top left side .. start cutting just below your thumb ( as shown in photo ) If you need to cut more you can always cut more off later But you can never put it back on so until you make your 1st one it is always better to cut less than to MUCH KWIM? wink wink !</p> <p>Next Flip your strip upward and cut the next side the same way as shown in photo . Using your thumb as your guide again</p> <p>Ok once your done cutting your angles this is what the BOTTOM of your star will look like Ok now comes the folding .. Remember once you get the folding part down you will just play around with your finished star making adjustments to postion your star YOU will not need any adhesive</p> <p>Ok next fold one panel at a time upward making a crease to have it stand up shown in the photo . You may want to fold the accordian strip in half to make this part easier just to get the center creased so each panel will stand upward</p> <p>OK here comes the trick girls I really think the photo explains this best since I find it hard to put into words .. Ok I will try . once you have your panel standing upward take your panel and lay it down to your table making sure to make the triangle Point in the center .. You see the star forming now dont you ??</p> <p>Continue doing this to all the panels as shown in previous step .</p> <p>Once you have done all your panels now comes the playing ... just postion your star panels by adjusting them and pushing the centers out or in whatever you want your finished Star to look like. Final step is punch a tiny hole in the top of one panel and add your cording .. TA DA you made your Star for decorating your Home , tree and or gifts . Dont you just love it ??</p> <p>Dawns EXTRA Bonus TIP: Now you can make even smaller stars using these directions BUT to make a smaller star cut your piece of DS paper at 3x3 and score at 1/2" , 1", 1 1/2", 2" &amp; 2 1/2" and follow the steps above this makes such a cute tiny tiny star. I hope you had fun making your stars girls have a fabulous day and thanks for peeking in today ..TAG BOOK</p> <p>Convention</p> <p>You will need (2) pieces of card stock cut at 6" X 6" ( 1) piece cut at 4" X 6" (9) tags cut at 4" X 2" Adhesive / Sticky strip &amp; cutter with scoring toolSIMPLE PAPER WALLET</p> <p>Hi Stampers : Thanks so much for clicking on over .. Lets get right to the video shall we .. I am using the</p> <p>Bella Rose DS paper for my wallet today along with the scallop punch , 1 1/4 Circle punch , 1 3/8 circle punch , and Chocolate Taffeta ribbon You will also be using your cutter, bone folder Your designer paper measures 8 1/4" X 8 3/8" so go grab your supplies and make this cute mini wallet with me today ..TRIANGLE TRI FOLD CARD</p> <p>Cutter, Scoring tool ( bone folder ) Piece of card stock (Chocolate chip) cut at 3 1/2" X 10 1/2" Piece of Designer paper ( Berry Bliss) 3 1/4" X 3 1/4" and some ribbon ( Chocolate Taffeta )</p> <p>PIN WHEEL</p> <p>(1) piece of DS paper cut at 5"x 5" (1) Pixie stix (1) Brad (1) Button Cutter, Scoring tool, Scissors and also your Adhesive GIFT BAG</p> <p>The size of my bag is</p> <p>7" X 3 5/8" 2 pieces of designer paper (1) cut at 6 7/8 X 3 5/8 ( front ) ( 1) cut at 9 1/2 X 3 5/8 scored at 2 1/2"( back ) POP UP CARD</p> <p>Cut (1) Pink cord stock [CS]at 4 x 5 1/2 </p> <p>and (1) whisper white card stock[CS]</p> <p>Pull out tag part to be 3x 4 Line the CS at 3 and Now cut pink CS starting at inch upto 4 on one side and repeat the same in the other side (Length) Line the CS at 4 from top and start cutting from to 3 (WIDTH) Line the CS at 1 from bottom and score at that point. only the cut portion not the whole CS Then slide it down to 3 and score it agin .this gives us the Centre Pop Up. Then Slide the CS to 4 and score it again.(this will the connection between the cut part the CS)</p> <p>Fold all the score lines.Now punch the the 2 cs by lining up both of them with 1 circle punch.punch only the half circle. Now take a sticky strip and apply it at 1 scored part and place the pul out tag part carefully.(ill be little big but place it as to sit in place)</p> <p>And now apply adhesive on all sides and attach the whisper white CS. SCROLL CARD Black CS cut at 4 x 10 and scored at 3 , 7 and 10 and whisper white CS cut at 3 x 8 Fold all your score lines</p> <p>Suspension card ~ Video</p> <p>Hi Stampers : For todays card I am using the following supplies: Tart and Tangy stamp set Smarty pants stamp set Summer picnic Designer paper ( 2 1/2" X 4 1/4 ") Rose red ink card base ( 4 1/4" X 11" scored at 5 1/2) whisper white card stock ( 1" X 4 1/4 ") Plus whisper white scrap for apples with the 1 1/4 circle punch Markers ( rose red, Old olive, &amp; chocolate chip ) Linen thread sticky strip 1 1/4 circle punch 1 3/8 circle punch Scallop punch ( Regal rose card stock ) Chocolate polly twill ribbon ~current mini~ ( in video) Rose GG ribbon (in photo)</p> <p>white gel pen Thanks for watching I will catch you all later . Enjoy the video stampers</p> <p>Tiny Basket</p> <p>Hi Stampers : Happy to see you here today . The Supplies I am using for my Basket are Regal Rose Card stock &amp; Classic ink along with Certainly Celery card stock , scallop punch , 1 1/4 , 1 3/8 circle punch, sticky strip , dimensional, Stamp set TART &amp; TANGY with the Jumbo wheel PETALS white gel pen and SU! markers Regal rose and Cetrainly celery . WATER FALL CARD</p> <p>Materials : CS cut at 4 x 5 and another Designer paper cut at 4 x 5 You can make a full size card cut at 4 x 11 You need 4 Squares of whisper white cut at 1 7/8 x 1 7/8 and 4 red CS cut at 2 x 2 1 strip of red color cut at x 4 and another strip of red cut at 2 x 9 a ribbon and eyelets.</p> <p>Apply adhesive to whisper white and stick it to red do it for all 4 pieces. Then take your 2 x 9 CS (red) and score at 2 , 2 , 3 , 1 and fold all your score lines Stick white CS design to green.take the strip and lay it on the Card and punch a hole to strip along with card.put and eyelet. Insert the long strip inside the short strip and place where you want and position your sticky strip by removing and place the long strip. Apply the adhesive to the SQ s and line it up to the score lines.from bottom to top. PAPER BOX WITH LID</p> <p>This origami video shows how to make a box with a lid out of two square sheets of paper. This fold makes a great gift box for presents. In this video, I use 12 x 12 inch scrapbook paper. The box comes out to be 3 x 3 x 6 inches. Your box dimensions will be N/4 x N/4 x N/2, where N is the original edge length of your square paper yes, origami and math go hand in hand. Materials: 1. Two square pieces of paper. 1....</p>