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  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    M e t h a M e t h a r o m



    Metha Metharom

    Pantheon Chronicles

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 1

    Pantheon: RebirthISBN:Publisher: Lulu.comRights Owner: Metha MetharomCopyright: 2011 Metha MetharomStandard Copyright LicenseLanguage: EnglishCountry:Australia

    All rights reserved.

    The reproduction, transmission or utilizationof this work in whole or in part in any form byany electronic, mechanical or other means,now known or hereafter invented, includingxerography, photocopying and recording, orin any information storage or retrieval system,is forbidden without written permission.

    This book is a work of fiction. The names,

    characters, incidents and places are products

    of the authors imagination, and are not to be

    construed as real. Any resemblance to

    persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.

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    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 2



    Metha Metharom

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 3

    Table of Contents

    Prologue ......................................... 4

    Chapter 1 ........................................ 9

    Chapter 2 ...................................... 15

    Chapter 3 ...................................... 18

    Chapter 4 ...................................... 21

    Chapter 5 ...................................... 27

    Chapter 6 ...................................... 34

    Chapter 7 ...................................... 39

    Chapter 8 ...................................... 44

    Chapter 9 ...................................... 48

    Chapter 10 .................................... 51

    Chapter 11 .................................... 56

    Chapter 12 .................................... 59

    Chapter 13 .................................... 63

    Chapter 14 .................................... 68Epilogue........................................ 72

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 4


    Out with the old and in with the

    new. That is how the old saying

    goes, so maybe thats the way it

    shall be. The Greek Pantheon, with

    Zeus at its head, has come and gonewith the passing of the ages.

    The only one left behind was the

    herald of the Gods, Hermes, theimmortal alchemist, healer, thief,

    and traveller, he has been there

    ever since it fell, ever since men has

    taken up arms against Zeus, and

    killed him.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 5

    After all it was prophesized that this

    would happen, that the child of

    Zeus would rise up against him and

    humans were all children of Zeus,

    neither of them though realized it

    would be Hercules, Zeuss beloved

    son who would led the attack.

    Apparently Hercules still holds a

    grudge against the Gods making

    him go blind mad and killing his

    own family. Yes he accomplished

    great tasks, but at the end of the

    day, he still had to live with the fact

    that he killed his own family.

    Yes, he was elevated to Hero Status,

    adored by all, hated by many, infact his life was ended by a centaur

    that holds a grudge against him,

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 6

    and then of all things, they turned

    him into a God. Hercules was by far

    pissed. He thought that all the

    tasks he had accomplished and

    dying gloriously was enough, no

    they had to bring him back as a

    God, a lowly god mind you, but a

    God nevertheless, not only can he

    not forget past woes by living in the

    promised Elysian fields where his

    first family probably was, but he

    had to spend the rest of his life as a


    So he decided one day, enough was

    enough, Zeus had to go, no more

    abuse of power, no more killing and

    resurrecting your own kid. So

    Hercules gathering a few of hisdemi-gods friends, and mortals rush

    up Mt Olympus and kill all in his

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 7

    path, the massacre ending with a

    mass suicide by the demi-gods, and

    Hercules turns the sword to


    However one God was left to not

    die, but remain, because he was the

    most true to himself. Hermes, the

    God of messenger, thieves, liars,

    healers, alchemist, and travellers.

    He was the only one left alive,

    because Hercules considered him a


    But now a crisis has come forth, the

    seal is about to be broken, the seal

    holding the Titans back in Tartarus.

    Hermes was alone, old and by farthe weakest of the Gods. So by his

    own research and science, he

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 8

    rediscovered the essence left

    behind the old Pantheon, including

    one of his own, and send them all

    off through the wheel of rebirth.

    The scions of the God will become

    Earths defence against the Titans.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 9

    Chapter 1

    Roger Acer stood up looking at the

    fan in his living room, for some

    reason today, it seem a little slow.A fly flew up to him, and he plucked

    it out of thin air, what the hell is

    going on? Is this some kind of

    whacked out dream?

    All of a sudden, his whole reality

    slipped away right under his feet,

    and he found himself staring at a

    corridor of broken statues, statues

    of the Greek Gods. He

    remembered reading about them

    when he was a kid, fascinating stuff,

    especially how Zeus was a right

    bastard, going around raping every

    girl in sight and impregnating them

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 10

    to boot. So the Greek myth was

    really a cesspool of rape and fucked

    up people.

    That was his thought right up to the

    part where he now found himself

    standing right in front of Hermes.

    Hi Racer said Hermes in a

    booming voice. I bought you here

    because the Gods are dead, the

    Titans are freeing themselves, and

    the pantheon needs to be

    resurrected because I am out of


    I said Wha but never managed

    to end with a t because, the

    scenes of Hercules, obviously pissoff comes through Mount Olympus

    hacking and slashing everyone in

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 11

    sight, finally last stand against Zeus.

    Then everyone killed themselves.

    WTF Racer managed, that was his

    nickname yes. Following the mass

    suicide everyone cheer, looted the

    place and left, leaving Hermes

    behind wondering what the heck to


    Everything then zoom by, seeing

    Hermes, resting on couch, watching

    a magic TV set, fishing a bit, then all

    of a sudden Tartarus, starts to

    break open, and the sky cracks

    open. In the scene Hermes went

    OMG, ran around a couple of a

    hundred times, and decided on the

    best course of action.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 12

    Out of the Gods corpse he plucks

    their DNA or some shit like that and

    throws it out through the wheel of

    rebirth, he added his own as well,

    and his own was now Racer.

    So you see thats what happened

    added Hermes.

    Racers mouth fell slack, start to say

    something and decide to leave it

    there for a few second. My

    thought exactly said Hermes.Racer forcibly put his jaw back in

    place and finally said and I am

    meant to do what exactly? with a

    raised eyebrow.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 13

    I dont know shrugged Hermes.

    Gather the rest of the scions and

    hope for the best maybe he said.

    Racer, slap himself a couple of

    times, and then decided that wasnt

    enough, and started slapping

    himself some more. This was

    stupid, beyond stupid, the last hope

    humans have at surviving was killed

    off by humans. Now one lone,

    slightly unhygienic God, sent of the

    clone of the dead Gods, including

    his own cell through the Gate of

    Rebirth. All of which these scions

    should be adults now and therefore

    able to save the world.

    You are an idiot Racer told

    Hermes finally and an asshole.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 14

    Hermes Grinned Well its your

    world. Reality then zoomed back

    into place. Back in his shoddy

    rented house, where he found

    himself looking at the fan, still going

    a bit slow. Then he realized, it

    wasnt the fan that was slow, he

    was the fast one.

    Holy Shit! As he sped, to the front

    door, and crashing into the mesh

    door, taking it away with him. Must

    turn handle, must remember that.

    Boy is the landlord going to be mad.

    This is going to be tough, he thinks

    to himself before zooming off,

    wondering where the hell he needs

    to go now.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 15

    Chapter 2

    Cronus had no intention of escaping

    his decked out prison, he had

    everything he wanted there, all hewanted to do was scared the willies

    out of the Gods, then he realized

    after a bit, that they were dead, so

    his little stunt was pointless.

    But he noticed one thing, Hermes

    had set into motion a new thing of

    fun, he had set the Gods essence

    into rebirth, so Cronus did what any

    sane Titan would do out of pure

    boredom, he set his own essence

    and other Titans into the gate of

    rebirth also.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 16

    It seemed like a good idea at the

    time, to have a little war on the side

    when you are bored shitless

    watching soap opera/daytime TV.

    Chronos only found out about his

    stunt being pointless when Atlas

    came and told him, since, he was

    supposed to hold up the heaven in

    which the Gods reside, but since

    Gods are dead, he just kind of left.

    Prometheus, unchained himself

    after several hours of biting the

    heads off the vultures that came to

    take his liver and kidneys or

    whatever the hell Zeus set them to

    do this time. Oh sure it hurts the

    first few hundreds time, but after a

    while it gets bloody old.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 17

    So it was in total agreement with

    everyone involved that they should

    set their own scions to do battle for

    them, because really they just

    couldnt be fucked.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 18

    Chapter 3

    Gods, doesnt die, they wane in

    power but they dont die, not

    unless of course they are killed byanother God. So when they were

    supposedly massacred they

    merely left into hiding, well Zeus

    was anyway, the rest were thrown

    into Tartarus II.

    Sure Hercules was bought back to

    life, but the ingrate was not actually

    a God, he was a demi-God still, so

    he died in vain. Then Hermes theidiot took their essence and sent

    them all through the gate of rebirth.

    Now there should be a copy of

    them in human forms everywhere.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 19

    Zeus was mad, angry mad, not crazy

    mad, and well that is debatable too.

    But he was mostly angry mad.

    Hermes must be up to something to

    do this, he had always been mans

    friend, but he has no proof.

    Hermes was standing around in

    contemplation, when pops out Zeus

    right in front of him. Hi Hermes,

    Hermes did not act at all surprised

    Hi Dad, I guess I am in trouble

    huh? Yep said Zeus. So you are

    going to put me in with Tartarus II

    like the rest of the others right?

    Zeus chuckled, No son, I have a

    much more fun surprise for you

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 20

    With that Hermes was hurled right

    through the eye of the Hypercane

    on Jupiter.

    Run, run as fast as you can, you

    will never break free from that

    prison until the day I am finally

    thoroughly defeated.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 21

    Chapter 4

    Racer doesnt really know where he

    was running to but then he ran past

    an electronic store. The TV in thewindow was blaring some kind of

    movie or at least he thought it was.

    Right up til he saw LIVE at the

    bottom of the screen. It was

    showing a tank being

    disembowelled by a lone soldier.

    WTH Racer thought, then he

    considered his own situation and

    thought about it.

    This was in Afghan, he doubt he

    could run all the way to Afghanistan

    but hey he could give it a try. Then

    he remembered how reality has

    warped around him, and all of a

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 22

    sudden he realizes he could do it

    too. Racer ran on the spot, and

    waited for everything to zoom in

    slow motion. It did that for a bit,

    and then everything stopped, the

    insects, the water splattering in the

    gutter stop in its track. He was

    about to concentrate on

    Afghanistan when suddenly

    someone called out What did you


    Everything slow down to a slow

    motion state again, and he found

    himself staring face to face with a

    stranger. The stranger stared

    straight back at him. In his hand

    was a bunch of wallets. Time had

    stop or had slowed. Then herealized he was facing a super

    powered being like he was. He tries

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 23

    to run for it and everything froze

    again, he went even faster, and

    reality shifted. Afghanistan he

    thought. Wait!!! but it was too

    late. BAM! and a building

    exploded behind him.

    The stranger stood there in a state

    of shock, he had come for the ride.

    Racer tries to runs again but this

    time, he froze in mid track and the

    stranger walked casually up to him

    You are Hermess Brood he stated

    rather than questioned. I am

    Cronuss. He sped up again,

    pushing for speed but then slowed

    again, Shit you dont like talking

    much do you?

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 24

    Reality shifted once again and they

    were no longer in Afghanistan, they

    were in Cronuss decked out prison.

    He ran for his life but time doubly

    slowed, as Cronus was standing

    there all 10 foot tall of him. He

    doesnt like to talk said the

    stranger. I noticed said Cronus.

    Reality shifted again, and he

    realizes that he was seeing the past.

    Cronus just wanted to give the Gods

    a good scare but that was it, he did

    not want a war. The next thing he

    saw was Zeus throwing Hermes into

    a Hypercane on the Planet Jupiter.

    Everything slowed down, and hestop running. The stranger says I

    am Cecil, Cecil Lock, yes I am Clock

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 25

    and we have no intentions of a war

    with you considering what has

    happened. Cecil then begins to

    rewind time to Zeus, faking all their

    deaths. What had actually

    happened were he had actually the

    other Gods to an unnamed location

    by trickery and imprisoning them

    there. Then he took some of their

    essences and made them his own.

    Zeus is now and overpowered

    maniac trying to destroy and

    reconquer the world. So thats

    what it is Cronus said. Hermes

    had actually tricked you into

    believing something else in order to

    save your life, unlike him you are

    human and not God Cecil added.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 26

    But you can go back to Afghanistan

    we need Aress brood for this.

    Reality shifted and he found himself

    back in the path of a tank, which

    was about to shoot at him. Then all

    of a sudden the tank was hurled

    wayside by the soldier on the news.

    The soldier turn to him and said I

    take it you are not from around

    here pointing to his tracksuit.

    You have 2 seconds to explaineverything.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 27

    Chapter 5

    Whoa! I didnt really mean in 2

    seconds, Racer stopped but you

    said Racer looked around and

    notices that Cecil was also nearby

    then was not.

    Damn you two got to show me

    how you do that zooming stuff, all I

    can do is hurl these tanks about and

    be totally impenetrable he says all

    this with a beaming smile. Dude

    all I know is this, one night I was a

    weakling now I can hurl shit one

    hundred time my weight and a

    rocket would just bounce off my

    body like it was nothing, its frigging

    awesome man he continued.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 28

    So what the hell is going on like or

    I am going to hurl this building at

    you he said with the same

    beaming smile but his eyes was

    totally serious.

    I started to explain at the speed of

    1.1 millisecond. This was probably

    a tad too fast. Cecil came into view

    and sigh, did the whole past,

    present thing with Cronus,

    explaining how he had explained

    before, which in the end nearly

    broke Racers head.

    Apparently the soldiers name was

    Warren Augustus Rage, the name

    acronym for WAR. Awesome thisguy was born of Aress essence, and

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 29

    he has a temper and the personality

    to boot.

    Right on count of three I am going

    to throw this building at you, for

    doing that to my head he said it

    with no smile Three he said, and

    throw a building straight at me. I

    stood there for what I thought

    could be hours, or even years, then

    Cecil spoke up hang on are you

    going to move? he inquire If not I

    am just going to let it hit you he


    I moved away from the buildings

    path just in time for Cecil to let go

    of time. Cecil seems to be a bitannoyed with him for some reason,

    sure he had the speed to dodge, but

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 30

    who in their right mind throws a

    building at someone else out of

    pure migraine. WAR obviously.

    The building came to nearly a crash

    toward a cameraman. But Racer

    saw just in time, with his hyper

    speed observation, and took off as

    soon as the building was about to

    squish the cameraman. As the

    building came crashing to the

    ground, Racer came to the pleasant

    surprise that the cameraman was a

    camerawoman as her chest was

    kind of soft and squishy.

    He let her go, then sped up again,

    blood boiling a little bit, no one hitsa girl or at least throw a building at

    one. As she fell to the ground, he

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 31

    was off at supersonic speed,

    towards WAR. His one thousand

    punches combo in at more than

    400km/h each. WAR was flung

    back, obviously surprised and a bit

    out of breath and pained. You

    dont throw a building at a

    woman! Racer yelled. WAR

    sputter a little bit, Chill dude, I

    didnt even see her there.

    You chill! She was almost squished,

    pay more attention god damn it!

    he yell even further, flinging his

    arms about causing a bit of a gale

    force wind with the force of his


    Cecil stood up in front of Racer,

    push up his shirt, to reveal breasts,

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 32

    Now shut up Racer stood there

    gawking for a bit, Cecil was a


    WAR was equally surprised, and

    probably equally as pleasantly

    surprised as he was. Dont fight

    amongst yourself, we have bigger

    fish to fry with that she pointed

    straight at the sky.

    By the way this may seem a little

    silly but why are you destroyingtanks? I said Doesnt tank usually

    equate allies?

    WAR stare at me as if I had grown

    fins and became a fish, To stop the

    war duh, I am sick of this stupid

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 33

    war, so many died, trying to do

    what conquer another country, that

    has a civil war of their own? he

    muttered under his breath It is

    frigging stupid, and I want it


    Racer look at WAR with new found

    respect, WAR was surprisingly

    thoughtful and well peaceful. You

    guys go on ahead, I have a war to

    stop, I will catch up with you later

    he nodded for them to go on and

    then add I will probably

    commandeer a naval ship or

    something to find you guys but for

    now later.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 34

    Chapter 6

    Where do we go now? Racer

    turned and asks Cecilia. Dont you

    feel that? asked Cecilia. Eh?

    Racer said. The interruption in the

    flow stupid she says.

    Ummnope Racer said. Hang on

    you probably really cant you are

    only a speedster, and the only way

    you can feel time, is to speed up

    hmm she said thoughtfully.

    Racer begins to race on the spot,

    and then realizes what she meant

    there were little spikes in the flow

    of time and space, like something

    important was there. Cecilia looked

    up at Racer and says So you get it

    now? Racer nodded.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 35

    Ok lets go then and she grabbed

    onto his arm, as reality shifted.

    He didnt really know where he was

    going but he was following the

    spikes, there were at least four he

    followed the biggest one, but then

    Cecilia shook her head, so he took

    off toward a smaller one.

    Reality shifted and he found himself

    standing outside a Pub, yup it was a

    pub. It was packed with people,probably due to the sign: Free Beer,

    Wine, and Alcohol here.

    Racer, look at it and wonder what

    went wrong but Cecilia motion for

    him to move on in. Racer took a

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 36

    step inside and felt woozy all of a

    sudden, like he was a bit tipsy. It

    was fun though, everything was

    fun. He shook his head then peer

    around, one man was dancing on

    the centre table with a jug of beer

    in his hand while drinking and

    singing away.

    Racer stares at him, the man turn

    around and stared back, and then a

    look of Oh shit seems to come to

    his face. I am not going there

    man! he cried out. Cecilia tells

    him I am not going! I just make

    people drunk and be merry thats

    all! the man seems to have

    sobered up.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 37

    Cecilia then did something strange

    she played a scene of him attacking

    WAR with 400km/h punches. Racer

    gasped, he forgotten about that,

    but he wasnt going to do anything

    to this guy because he hasnt done

    anything yet. Cecilia even played

    the bit how if WAR hurt girls, he

    would hurt him.

    The stranger collapse to the ground

    and says Ok man, you win, I am

    not going to go against you, and I

    am not going to be hit by those

    punches am I? he asked. Racer

    stared. What in hell had just

    happened Racer thought.

    The man name was Al Co Hol, which

    if put together spelt alcohol, he

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 38

    realizes then Hermes must have

    been not very creative or just have

    a sense of humour when he sent

    them. Amusingly enough, the

    mans name is also A. Hol if he were

    to take out the C. Laughing out

    loud was a bad idea.

    Cecilia whisper in his ears, trust me

    he has done things to woman, you

    would not like. Racer sigh, but

    threatening a man to help him on

    his quest wasnt exactly the right

    way to go either.

    But now they had more things to

    do, so off to more spikes in time

    and space they go off to.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 39

    Chapter 7

    After retrieving yet another Hero,

    Florette Lower, from a flower shop,

    that wasnt really much to do to

    begin with. It seems Florette

    already knew they were coming as

    if Cecilia has done it all before

    which made Racer a little paranoid.

    Dont worry it will work out Racer

    Cecilia seems to know what he was

    thinking about. That made him

    wonders all the more.

    Reality shifted once more and Racer

    found himself staring down anarrow coming right at his head,

    Racer dodged just in time and heard

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 40

    the arrow whizz past his face,

    cutting off a strand of his hair. The

    arrow buried itself with a THUNK!

    in a practiced target. He stood up

    only to have another arrow aimed

    straight at him. This time it stays in

    the bow. His gaze climbs upward

    the arrow and the bow and on to

    the prettiest girl he had ever met.

    He looked around for Cecilia, but

    she was nowhere in sight, the other

    heroes he had picked up were

    though. Hi we come in peace he

    says imitating a person from Star

    Trek convention. The girl looks at

    him for one moment, the arrows

    slacken and she cracks up laughing.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 41

    Hi she says to him, I am Sparrow

    and before you say another word, I

    know who you are and yes I

    changed it, there was no way I am

    going to be call ARROW she says.

    So now its just a one word name.

    Cecilia told me you were going to

    head this way, and since you are

    kind of the leader of this whole

    thing, you will have to do all the

    meeting and stuff again Sparrow


    Racer felt they hit it off straight

    away, they talked a bit about how

    they found out their powers, how

    she has been able to run all overthe woods, and how she knew that

    they were coming with her power

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 42

    of prophecy and her ability to not

    ever miss a target.

    Before she was just working at a

    desk job throwing pens at the

    ceiling and making them stick and

    hang on it. It was fun while it lasted

    but this was a lot more fun, and she

    wants to join in their little fight

    against Zeus because if they dont

    they would be screwed.

    Cecilia says, the last two you haveto approach carefully, they are

    Hades s and Poseidons brood, and

    before you go any further it seems

    Zeuss brood may have joined him,

    so its best to leave him Sparrowsays. In any case it would be wise

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 43

    to not cause a misstep but I refer to

    you to do the recruiting.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 44

    Chapter 8

    But before even considering the last

    two or three, there was still a

    matter of Apollos, Aphrodites,Athenas andHephaestuss

    essences. Sparrow had said, they

    werent really that necessary to

    bring down Zeus, and that he

    should just ignored them.

    First on the list was Apollos

    essence. His name was Fletch,

    because he wanted to rename

    himself that which was cool, people

    should be named whatever the hell

    they want instead of this entire

    weird, absurd, and obvious name.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 45

    Racer wonder if he should just

    renamed himself Racer, instead of

    Roger Acer, but then again his name

    wasnt half bad neither was

    Cecilias. A. Hol on the other hand

    was bad either way you look at it,

    Racer thinks to himself.

    Fletch had the power to be real

    shiny, play music, heal people, and

    the power of prophecy also, and he

    prophesized that he was going to

    get his ass handed to him by Zeus, if

    they dont get more help.

    Fletch was a smart ass, which was

    good, Racer like smart ass,

    considering that he was also onehimself.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 46

    Lovett Ove, a model from Milan was

    a bit harder to handle, sure she had

    the power to make any normal man

    fall deeply in love with her, but that

    was a bit sickening when she turned

    on the charm, Racer found himself

    wanting to regurgitate more often

    than not, luckily she also had the

    power of fighting as well. All is fair

    in love and war after all, thought


    Spike Jones was Athenas brood

    another smart one who changed

    their name, his name was literally

    Sam Mart, so no matter how people

    say it, it still sounds like SMART. He

    was a master of strategy and he

    was sick of people calling himSMART.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 47

    The next guy was Black Smith, yes

    that was his name and he was one

    too, he was also a damn good

    engineer, making toy robots, and

    aircrafts that sells really well, he

    was a millionaire too, which was

    also a real big hit with Lovett. He

    wasnt hard to convince considering

    if the world was destroyed; he

    would no longer be rich, and able to

    make any more stuff.

    So that was all the heroes he

    gathered, and what was left was

    the scary three. Zeuss, Poseidons

    and Hades broods.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 48

    Chapter 9

    Racer decides to take a gamble and

    went for Zeuss essence. He found

    himself staring at an electric powerpole. On it was a lone man climbing

    it, he turned around once and sigh,

    then turned back again to complete

    his work.

    For a minute he remembered

    Sparrows warning, but he decides

    against that. He looked up and

    gulped loudly how was this

    electrician going to join up with


    Racer just stared up at the

    slouching back of the electrician as

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 49

    he went on working. Then he

    decided on the best course of

    action and went against it. He open

    his mouth, and asked Hey, you

    know that Zeuss problem, you

    want to join us in helping defeat


    It was the best decision he ever

    made, the electrician, practically

    and literally jump from the power

    pole, electricity circling around him,

    Hell yeah! he says. The name is

    Sparks Plug, and I have so been

    waiting for someone to ask,

    everyone thinks I am on his side,

    but he doesnt ask either, I just

    want someone to ask and the sad

    and pained look in his eyes said itall. He was sick of feeling like he

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 50

    was the bad guy when he was never

    asked in the first place.

    Racer and Sparks hit it off well, they

    became good friends, but Sparks

    said You do realize, I cant really

    help right? he said. Racer looks at

    him questioningly Well I am

    Electric and Zeus is electric, it just

    wouldnt do any good. Racer pats

    him on the back and then says You

    never know until you tried right?

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 51

    Chapter 10

    Cecilia did not part way from Racer

    without a reason, two people

    recruiting was much better thanone and also the fact that she has

    begun to feel a soft spot for him,

    she knew that he would end up

    meeting Sparrow, and how they

    would hit it off really well but she

    has to try.

    Cecilia also knew that she would die

    in this fight, as far as the scenarios

    played in her head, she always died

    trying to save the man she loves. It

    was all pointless, Racer did not love

    her, he only saw her as another guy,

    until she flashes him.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 52

    In every scenarios, they would all

    die a nasty death, all due to what

    they need to do, bring and free the

    real Gods, who would fight for them

    and in the midst of it, Zeus would

    use a mind control technique to

    conquer Artemis, and point her

    arrow at Racer, where immediately

    she would jump in front to stop him

    from getting killed.

    Tartarus II was a reality in a reality,

    which can be caused by a really big

    discharged of electricity at a certain

    spot or at least reverse time, fast

    forward time, and freeze time all at

    once, which would cause a

    destabilization in the reality causing

    a rip to appear which leads toTartarus II.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 53

    She needs the Gods inside because

    it is only true Gods which can kill a


    She hates this, everyone was going

    to die, no matter what they do, but

    Cronus had said, there is nothing

    until you at least give it a try.

    She concentrates hard on one spot

    where Zeus had put all his friends, it

    was strange how Zeus seems to

    know everything and had killedHera off first, maybe it was the

    effect of absorbing all the Gods


    Time did a strange dance then all of

    a sudden a vortex appear in mid-air,

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 54

    strange un earth like creature

    appears only to be shot down by

    Artemiss arrows, arrows that never

    misses. All at once the old

    pantheon flew out, all except Hera

    and Ares who also died defending

    his mother. The only two with

    power enough to match Zeuss


    Cecilia starts to open her mouth

    only to be shut off again by Apollos

    words, Yes we know who you are, I

    have seen it in a dream, we are

    doomed if we dont, we are

    doomed if we do, so we chose to do

    rather than dont at least there

    wont be regrets.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 55

    Cecilia smile for a bit, then Artemis

    added Dont worry prophecies

    sometimes have trouble getting its

    way, especially when things are

    unexpectedly happening; by the

    way that Harrier Jump Jet seems to

    contain WAR.

    Cecilia looked and realized that

    Artemis was in fact right, Zeus as

    smart as he was, was still stupid, he

    placed Tartarus II right underneath

    Mt Olympus.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 56

    Chapter 11

    WAR flew up on his stolen jet and

    landed on top of the ruins of Mt


    Cecilia knew what he was about to

    do but was powerless to stop it, he

    hurl the jet straight at Zeus, the war

    was about to begin, without any

    strategy whatsoever.

    The Gods flew down, onto the ruins

    joining the fray, with WAR shouting

    to Cecilia Dont worry the best

    attack is a frontal attack! Zeus

    promptly blasts him away with alightning bolt.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 57

    Cecilia on the other hand cast a

    time field which cause everything to

    slow down so that all the Gods

    could dodge whatever the hell Zeus

    was throwing at them.

    Zeus was picking up debris and

    throwing them around like a

    maniac, while WAR himself was

    having a hard time Damn this is

    harder than expected he says.

    Cecilia wants to punch him, butWAR grinned Look the element of

    surprise is already gone, I am just

    here to hold the fort until the real

    party arrives, you and the Gods stay

    away, I will do my best to not diehe grin one more time before

    running straight into Zeus with the

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 58

    side of his arm, doing a lariat. Zeus

    fell to the floor, stunned, he had

    not expected that and neither did


    Artemis says We better do as he

    wishes and wait for the other party

    to arrive, but some of our fighting

    Gods will join in to keep the balance


    Cecilia hopes that Racer would

    come here soon, and do whateverhe does best, and thats pull

    miracles out of his ass.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 59

    Chapter 12

    Racer nearly died when he fell into

    the middle of the Ocean, in fact the

    other heroes nearly did as well.There he was the a frigging tourist

    wandering around on a boat,

    paddling like mad, trying to get

    away from friendly sharks, and the

    giant Kraken.

    Get them away! Get them away!

    he was crying out. Racer thought

    this was probably best left til last.

    So off he went straight for a

    medical centre WTF he said


  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 60

    He checked the named plates and

    sure enough was Dr. Grim Death. It

    was a most unfortunate name for a

    medical practitioner. The heroes

    though a bit wet behind the ears,

    was being dried off by Fletchs


    After some ruckus, he made an

    appointment and found himself

    staring at a Doctor who appears to

    consider wearing a cowl and robe

    was good humour. So who are you


    Racer explained, he shrugged and

    said Ok, that was simple, and so

    Racer decides to go after theunfortunate tourist again, this time

    with Dr. Deaths help.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 61

    They both landed in water, but with

    Racers ability to run across the

    surface and the Doctors ability to

    float on it, it was no problem.

    The tourist was still

    running/swimming around, and not

    wondering why he could do that in

    the middle of the ocean.

    Look we want your help Dr Death

    said menacingly, and all the sea

    monsters including the touristappear to cringe. Sorry, you best

    handle this Dr Death said.

    Racer half running on the Oceans

    surface half skidding off it, ran to

    where the sobbing tourist. Look

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 62

    its your fault, no wait its Zeuss

    fault and Racer began to explain in

    great detail why it is Zeuss fault

    that there was sea monsters

    coming after him.

    So after the quick but wet

    explanation, there was now a very

    pissed off tourist joining in the fray.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 63

    Chapter 13

    Cecilia was having trouble holding

    the fort and she could see also that

    WAR was having more trouble, hewas bleeding from head to toe,

    covered in blood, but he was still


    Zeus was a hard kill, especially

    when the only thing that can kill

    him was another God, but he was

    leaving no opening, and the Gods

    dont seem to know how to stop


    All of a sudden out pops Racer andcrew right in the middle of


  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 64

    Racer could see the bloodied and a

    bit burnt WAR and nod to Sparks.

    Sparks gulped and discharged a

    huge blast of lightning sending Zeus

    several feet back.

    Yeah motherfucker! I am on their

    side you asshole father who didnt

    ask for help! Cecilia was

    flabbergasted; he had bought

    Zeuss brood to the fray. Zeus hurls

    a piece of the jet back at them, but

    all of a sudden it stopped in mid-air,

    Electromagnetic Field Mother

    Fucker! Sparks scream out again

    but he was sweating a bit.

    Racer looks at Dionysus and A. Hol,You two! they perk up. Racer

    then says Al, you give him a

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 65

    hangover like the Mother Fucker

    and Dionysus, you make him drunk

    like the Mother Fucker! they

    stared at him but shrugged, Zeus

    goes down for the count. Racer

    then begins giving commands.

    Aphrodite and Lovett was charming

    Zeus, Poseidon and the Tourist was

    hitting him with hard water,

    Hephaestus and Black sending

    automatons and toy robots at him,

    Sparrow was shooting arrows to

    distract him, while Demeter and

    Florette was binding him with their

    plants. Apollo and Fletch was

    healing the wounded.

    Now! he points at Artemis. Zeus

    cackled You fool! You played intomy plan, Artemis turn and fired the

    arrow that never misses straight at

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 66

    Racer, Cecilia jumps in front of him

    like in the scenarios. But then she

    realize Racer was running on the

    spot, she looked straight at him,

    and he says Now! she now knew

    why she was in love with him, he

    was able to speed himself to match

    up with times stream, while she

    can stop it. At the word Now!

    everything stopped.

    Artemiss arrow which had been

    aiming for him had stopped a hair

    breadth away from him, Racer

    reach out to adjust the trajectory

    ever so slightly about all 90 degree

    of it, Now! Full force! time sped

    up once more but this time in fast

    forward, the arrow seems to haveteleported from where it was and

    straight into Zeuss heart.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 67

    Zeus exploded into a huge blue

    flame. No! he screamed before

    dwindling out into nothing.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 68

    Chapter 14

    Thanks for that Racer nearly

    jumped when he was suddenly

    surprised by a rather bedraggledHermes.

    I knew he was the bad guy, but I

    didnt quite knew what to do, plus

    he was always spying on me too, so

    I couldnt tell you what was going

    on Hermes sigh.

    Racer looks at him, then sigh, its ok

    we think a like anyhow, its what

    you would have done right? Racer

    shrugged. Hermes stares off intothe East, Well no not quite, you

    succeed where I would have fail,

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 69

    and I have you to thank for that,

    otherwise I would still be running

    around in the middle of that

    Hypercane on Jupiter.

    But it seems you have gotten

    yourself a lot of friends and

    something else too and he winked

    to Cecilia, which made her and

    funnily enough Racer blushed.

    So all the Gods and them began the

    hard task of cleaning up, WAR wasout of commission because, he had

    had taken too many hits from Zeus

    and Apollo and Fletch was doing

    their best to heal him but it seem a

    losing battle. Dr Death then walkin, If you please, hold onto his soul

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 70

    for me he ask of Hades, and Dr

    Death begins his surgery.

    In the end WAR survives, but he

    was now a wanted criminal by the

    UN and also by the rest of the

    Western World for destroying so

    many tanks and then stealing and

    destroying a jet. So he was offered

    a place with the newly reformed

    pantheon while the rest mill about

    trying to find their way back.

    Dionysus and his protg look onto

    each other with new found pride in

    their own powers, same with the

    love duo, and the plant duo. The

    ones with the greatest pride go tothe two messengers of course but

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 71

    the ones that really helped out was

    the two healers.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Page 72


    Out with the old and in with the

    new, oh so the saying goes, but it

    seems the new isnt that really new,

    it just has a new leader, Hermes

    became the new leader of the

    Pantheon, WAR replaced Ares.

    Artemis marries Hermes, and a

    whole new pantheon begins. Pan

    was bought into the new Pantheon

    as Hermess Son. Apollo invites

    Fletch to join so there would be

    more healers in case anything like

    this happens again. Black deny the

    offer and surprisingly did Sparks

    who wants to go back to college

    and do a degree in science.

  • 7/28/2019 Pantheon: Rebirth


    Pantheon: Rebirth M. Metharom

    Everyone else rejected the offer to

    become Gods of the new Pantheon

    because they wanted to go back to

    their own life.

    Fast forward a couple of years, and

    Racer is now married to Clock, their

    children able to change Fate at their

    own will.