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Brandbook made for a school project.


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    Pandora is the world leading brand offering high-quality affordable personalized jew-elry. It offers women around the world the complete range of high-quality jewelry in a variety of beads and charms for the key-concept Pandora bracelet as well a wide range of rings, necklaces and earrings. As the price range and materials vary Pandora offers something for everybody who wants to differ and have a meaningful piece of jewelry. The Pandora jewelry wearer wants to stand out with her one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.


    Pandoras mission is to offer women across the globe a variety of high-quality, hand-finished, modern and gen-uine jewelry products at affordable prices. The company develops their product portfolio in a way of preserving their core values of affordable luxury, contemporary de-sign and personal storytelling.

    Pandoras vision is to become the worlds most recog-nized jewelry brand.


    As PANDORA values good memories the slogan UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS rep-resents the time spent with your loved ones. The uniqueness of the PANDORA charm bracelet is represented in the motto:

    One for every unforgettable and charmed moment in your life.

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    As the logo of PANDORA is one of the most important assets of the company it should be treated with extreme care and love. Hereby are shown the correct ways of using the logo. As we recently modernized our logo the old logos must not be used in promotional materials as they are out-dated and to keep the co-herence of the brand image.

    The PANDORA ring can be used as logo as well, as it has a distinctive form and represent the brand.

  • 9PANDORAs logo can only be used in print & web promotional materials as black logo on white background or vice versa. The logo must have the crown on top of the O and the logo can be used with or without the slogan underneath it. The old logo with jewelry under-neath the name Pandora must not be used. As well the logo can contain the little TM as a mark of a registered trade-mark to minimise the threat of coun-terfeiting.


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    The font used for the logo and promo-tional materials is Optima. The logo must be written in all-caps and the letters are a bit tracked to create a lighter image. The O in PANDORA is figurative with a three-pointed crown on top of it symbolizing the elegant jewelry PANDORA offers.



    The colors used for print and online promotional materials are black and white, but the overall text might be represented in darker shades of grey as well.

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    PANDORA designs, manufactures & distributes modern hand-fin-ished customizable jewelry. The PANDORA concept is mix & match, this helps the customer to create their personally meaningful jew-elry. The beads and charms come in silver, gold, glass, wood, semi-precious stones and enamel. There is a variety of more than 600 beads and charms to choose from.

    Furthermore PANDORA provides rings, necklaces, earrings and watches for a modern woman.

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    The average Pandora user is a woman from 25-50. She is a family person. Most of the charms she has on her bracelets symbolize her family members and sweet memories of spending time with the loved ones. She has an average or higher than average income or she is a stay-home mom. She has got most of her bracelet charms for special days and her husband and children always know what to give her for a present.

    Average Pandora wearer values clas-sic yet individual style. They know the value of craftsmanship and precious stones.

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    As PANDORA is one of the leading jew-elry brands it is represented in more than 65 countries all over the world. Pandora has more than 10,000 sales points in the world including concept stores, shop-in-shops, gold, silver & white level retailers. Key markets are USA (37,8%), Australia (11,8%), Eng-land (14,9%), Germany (10,2%) and other countries including DK (23,3%).

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  • 18Laura Sokolovska, Triin Prnpuu, Simona Dorobat, Aleksandra Taniberg, Elisabeth Verleih