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<ol><li> 1. Latest Styles in Bridal Lehengas </li><li> 2. Confronting all the changes that has transpired in the Indian fashion world ever, lehenga choli always manages to be the prime choice for bridal wear. Indian women love to dress themselves with this elegant apparel on special occasions like wedding and engagement. The dress that was once worn by Mughal royalties only hasn't lost its charm even after so many centuries. For many women, lehenga choli is the only choice for wedding. </li><li> 3. Lehenga choli has its roots in Rajasthan and Gujrat, from where it spread to the other parts of the India, and later the entire world. Originally, only royal women from Mughal clans used to wear it due to the great appeal and feminity offered by the attire. Later it became a common attire for almost all classes and ethnicities of India. </li><li> 4. When it comes to fabrics, the traditional choice for lehenga choli are silk, chiffon, jamawar and cotton. But modern designers are not restricted to just these fabrics and are making good use of other fabrics also. But still, many Indian women opt for traditional fabrics for the most special day of their life. </li><li> 5. Let's have a look at some of the most popular styles in Bridal Lehenga cholis:- </li><li> 6. The most attractive feature of the straight cut lehengas is that it looks nice on all body types. Women have to take great care about their body frame when selecting a bridal apparel, but with straight cut lehengas they don't need to think much. These lehengas are parallel, providing a slimmer appearance to the bride. Straight Cut Lehengas </li><li> 7. This style features great flare in the lehenga, which makes the bride look amazing. While designing this type of lehenga, designers can make wonderful use of colors. Different colors of panels can be stitched together to make a striking lehenga. Panelled Lsehengas </li><li> 8. Also known as mermaid lehenga, this lehenga has close fitting at the waist and a little flare at the bottom. It looks great on women from slim body to little chubby ones. Fish Tail Lehenga </li><li> 9. This lehenga supposes to be the oldest style, but it's still among the most popular ones. It features multiple pleats at the waist. It makes the wearer look a little chubby, and hence is good for petite or lean women. Circular Lehenga </li><li> 10. If you want to know more about Indian fashion, click here. To purchase spellbinding lehengas visit e-store Panache India now:- Click these Icons to Follow us E-mail : Call : +91 11 2554 1132 </li></ol>