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<ul><li> 1. Rodan + Fields Dermatologists SkincareChanging skin and changing livesThe Perfect Partnership</li></ul> <p> 2. Why partnering with Rodan + Fields is the right choice Services currently provides: Hair Services Hair Removal Color Service Curly and Straight Lip Waxing Full Face Eyebrow Tinting Manicures Pedicures What is missing from the list? SKIN CARE What will set your salon apart from the competition and bring in new customers? SKIN CARE 3. Why is Rodan + Fields the right choice: Services can provide by adding Rodan + Fields Dermatologists: What is the number one way to obtains new customers? Word of Mouth That is the same way that skin care choices are made and the reason that the Doctors took this #1 selling brand out of the Department Stores and put it into the hands of the Consultants that wanted to spread the word! Special Events: Skin Care Clinics - For Women and Men Bring in Existing and New Customers to this new revenue stream and the current revenue stream. Special Tools: Created to Run Your new Skin Care Business Seamlessly Solution Tool Where every customer can find out the targeted skin care solution for their skin AND get a step by step routine from the Doctors that created ProActiv! RF Connection Registered Nurses on Staff to answer questions about skin care concerns and questions about products. 4. Why is Rodan + Fields the right choice:The Dilemma:Salon owners have many administrative tasks to complete each day. These tasks, even with the help of a salonmanager can take away from your passion and desire to serve clients. Often, adding additional services toincrease your revenue also requires additional staff members and training costs. In todays economy, addingadditional expensive equipment, staff expense, and a large inventory of products is not ideal for many salonowners.Your Options:1.Succumb to the Dilemma and consolidate with larger salons and day spas, thus diminishing your dream as anindependent business owner.2.Cut back on exclusive services offered to clients.3.Add additional revenue streams that supplement &amp; even replace current revenue.The Solution:Rodan + Fields created their products and marketing system so that you can continue doingwhat youre passionate about while providing an additional service to your clients that doesntinterfere with your daily activities. We know youre busy, so integrating a new product line intoyour business needs to be streamlined, simple, effective and profitable. Rodan + Fields productssatisfy all of those criteria! 5. Meet Dr. Katie Rodan Dr. Rodan is an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology atStanford University School of Medicine and is a cosmetic dermatologist in private practice in Oakland, California. A graduate of USC Medical School completed her residency at StanfordUniversity School of Medicine. Dr. Rodan is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and a member of the Board of Directors for the American Society of CosmeticDermatology and Aesthetic Surgery. She is also a member of the ScientificAdvisory Board for Nanopacific Holdings. 6. Meet Dr. Kathy Fields Dr. Fields is a Stanford-trained, board-certified dermatologist who hasbeen in private practice in San Francisco since 1987. In her own medicaland surgical dermatology practice, Dr. Fields devotes her time to bothcosmetic dermatology as well as treating disorders of the skin, hair andnails. Dr. Fields is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at UCSF, afellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, and a member of theAmerican Society for Dermatologic Surgery. Dr. Fields was recently named one of Americas Top Dermatologists, oneof Americas Top Physicians, and one of the Best Doctors in the Bay Area inCalifornia She is a member of the Annenberg Circle of Dermatology Leadership andhas been written up in Whos Who in the American Women and AmericanBusiness. 7. Dermatological Dream TeamDr. Fields and Dr. Rodan are theauthors of the National Bestseller WriteYour Skin a Prescription for Change, thenew go-to-guide for taking control of yourskins destiny, and UNBLEMISHED,where they refute some of the mostcommon misunderstandings about acneand present a groundbreaking guide tousing over-the-counter medications tobanish breakouts forever. Together, Dr.Fields and Dr. Rodan also received thecoveted Cosmetic Executive WomensAward in 2003 for Changing thedirection of the industry with theircreation of Proactiv Solution. 8. Real Results Simple solutions to complex problems Our products are based on a philosophy of Multi-Med Therapyusing the rightmedicines and active cosmetics, in the right formulations, in the right order. As practicing dermatologists, Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields know that treating theunderlying cause of a problem works and yields long-term benefits. To see real changes in your skin, you must use real medicines. Our product development strategy is to combine OTC (over-the-counter)medicines and active cosmetic ingredients to create safe and effectiveformulations. We take safety and efficacy very seriously. Because we know real results come over time with regular use, our Multi-MedTherapy regimens come packaged in 60 day quantities Were so confident that your clients will experience results with their firstregimen that all of our products come with a 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee. 9. Rodan + Fields Solution Tool GET ADVICEWhats Right for You?RF Connection Common Questions GlossaryWeve developed this tool based on how wework with our own patients in our practices.Take 5 minutes to answer the following questions and receive your own personalized recommendations and daily skincare routine. They developed this tool based on how they work with their own patients in theirpractices. Your client takes a 5 minute quiz to answer specific questions and receives theirown personalized recommendations and daily skincare routine. Clients have access to experienced dermatological Nurses and highly trainedprofessionals M-F 9-5 PST Products are available online with a bi-monthly auto-ship option to keep yourclients seeing results! 10. Rodan + Fields Regimens for Common Skin ConcernsThe Doctors created these regimens to address the top four skin care issues they see in there offices. Bringing Dermatological products to the masses.REVERSEANTI-AGERegimenRegimenfor Brown Spots, for Fine Lines,Dullness, andWrinkles, andSun Damage Loss of FirmnessUNBLEMISHSOOTHERegimenRegimenFor Acne and for Sensitive,Post-AcneIrritated Skin, andScarring, MarksFacial Redness 11. REVERSE clinical study resultsClinically-proven to deliver brighter, smoother, younger-looking,and more even-toned skin.* *An independent evaluatorwas secured to conduct thestudy of women, ages 29-72,over 2 months. The subjectsskin conditions wererecorded on Day 1, andevaluated on Day 60 by both 98% 98%the subjects themselves and90% the independent evaluator.Percentages are of womenwho showed or reportedimprovement.BONUS!Showed visibleReported Showed visible30% improvement in smoother skin reduction in Reportedbrightness texturebrown spots and visibledullnessreduction infine lines 12. ANTI-AGE clinical study results 34% 41%60% 48% 34% Improvement Improvement ImprovementIncrease Improvementin firmness inin skin barrier in skinin fine linesmoisturization strength smoothness and wrinkles 13. UNBLEMISH clinical study resultsClinically Measured Results 23% decrease in acne grade in 2 weeks 43% decrease in acne grade in 4 weeks 59% decrease in acne grade in 6 weeks80% of participants experienced decrease in overall pigmentation52% of participants experienced decreased in brown spots 14. SOOTHE clinical study resultsSOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment participants included, mild to moderate rosaceaThe following results were found after 5 minutes:Redness: 56% reductionPeeling: 80% reductionDryness: 79% reductionStinging: 60% reductionOverall Irritation: 78% reduction 15. Something to ConsiderEvery Client who leaves your salonTODAY represents $252 or more peryear in annual revenue that couldcome to your salon simply bysharing Rodan + FieldsDermatologists with him/herHow Many Clients did You seeToday?If you see 30 clients each day andjust 10% of them became Rodan +Fields Dermatologist Product users,this could mean an *additionalrevenue of over $2500 in yourFirst Month.*Rodan+Fields Dermatologists does not guarantee income. Income is based onindividual efforts and results vary. 16. Preferred Customer Income Calculator Average # of Clients seen per day:20 Percentage of those clients who buy:10% # of Preferred Customers added per day: 2 # of PCs added per month - 5 day/week; 4 weeks/month:40 Potential First Month Income: $1,680 Your Potential Annual Income: $70,560 For every Salon you refer who does the same thing, Your Potential Annual Commission per Salon:$10,808 Average # of Clients seen per day: 30 Percentage of those clients who buy: 10% # of Preferred Customers added per day: 3 # of PCs added per month (5 day/week; 4 weeks/month: 60 Potential First Month Income:$2,520 Your Potential Annual Income:$105,840 For every Salon you refer who does the same thing, Your Potential Annual Commission per Salon:$15,120 Average # of Clients seen per day:40 Percentage of those clients who buy:10% # of Preferred Customers added per day:4 # of PCs added per month - 5 day/week; 4 weeks/month:80 Potential First Month Income: $3,360 Your Potential Annual Income: $141,120 For every Salon you refer who does the same thing, Your Potential Annual Commission per Salon:$20,160 17. Make Skincare Affordable! With a more affordable skincare line, you will attract moreconsumers. No Inventory! Affordable skincare that works leads to a happy, satisfiedclient who will tell others of their success. Rodan+Fieldsallowsyoutheopportunitytogiveyour clientswhattheywant. affordable,clinicallyprovenskincarethatworks! 18. What Can We Do For You? As a distributor of Rodan + Fields products, you will earn 25% commission onretail products! You will earn 31% from preferred customers! Preferred customers will receive a shipment of products every two months at a 10%discount and free shipping! This allows you to continue to earn long term residual profits. And maintain a relationship with your stylists and their customers if they leaveyour salon) 19. Who Are We? Rodan + Fields is the brand you can trust to provide proven clinical skincare optionsto your clients. Years of clinical research and data backs each product line. Rodan + Fields meets your needs for cost control, quality products, and profit. 20. Why Partner With Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields? Minimal Start Up Cost Full Training and Office setup provided by your Representative Very Little interruption to your daily activities Low Overhead No Inventory Required! Simple Product Line four regimens, each targeting a specific skin care concern: Sun Damage / Brown Spots Aging Acne/Blemishes Sensitive Skin / Eczema / Rosacea Products are clinically Proven to provide guaranteed results Products come with an empty bottle, 60 day money back guarantee RF Connection on-staff Dermatological Nurses to answer all of your and yourcustomers questions and concerns Any product issues, exchanges or returns for the customer are handled directly bycorporate customer serviceMonthly residual revenue stream through the Preferred Customer programWhen you refer other individuals and businesses, you benefit financially from theirefforts as well as yours. </p>