paleolithic period

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Paleolithic Period. “Old Stone Age” 2.5 million yrs ago – 12,000 yrs ago Begins with development of stone tools. Stone, bone & wood tools Small roving bands scavenging for food Lived through periods of glaciation In late period, evidence of ritual, burial, cooking, and art - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Paleolithic Period

Paleolithic PeriodOld Stone Age2.5 million yrs ago 12,000 yrs agoBegins with development of stone tools

2Stone, bone & wood toolsSmall roving bands scavenging for foodLived through periods of glaciationIn late period, evidence of ritual, burial, cooking, and artNeanderthals, Cro-Magnons - eventually went extinctHomo sapiens what we areNeanderthals

Reconstruction of an adult male based on fossils.

Skull found in Gibraltar

Skulls of 1. Gorilla 2. Australopithecine 3. Homo erectus4. Neanderthal (La-Chapelle-aux-Saints) 5. Steinheim Skull 6. Modern human

In the past, scientists believed that Neanderthals were primitive beings, unable to compete with our human forebears. Now, researchers have uncovered new relics that reveal that two cultural traditions existed among Neanderthals living in what is now northern Europe between 115,000 and 35,000 years ago. (Photo : Reuters) Hand-axes6Cro-MagnonSpear throwersCave artworkLeft many artifactsBig game hunters

Picture of a half-human, half-animal being in a Paleolithic cave painting in Dordogne. France. Archeologists believe that cave paintings of half-human, half-animal beings may be evidence for early shamanic practices during the Paleolithic.

Mesolithic PeriodMiddle Stone Age12,000 yrs ago 10,000 yrs ago

Bone fish hooks

Neolithic PeriodNew Stone Age10,000 yrs ago 4,000 yrs ago

Instead of chipping tools, grinding and polishingSome settlements formingAgricultureDomestication of animalsMore complex societies

Amber beads

Rise of CivilizationsSurplus foodLarge cities with a form of governmentJob specialization

Other CharacteristicsCalendarSome form of writing