paleolithic people. paleolithic people lived during what time period?

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  • Paleolithic people

  • Paleolithic PeopleLived during what time period?

  • Ice Age

  • Paleolithic PeopleHow did they survive?

  • Paleolithic PeopleBy using fire

  • Sumerians

  • Sumerians

  • SumeriansWhat did they believe?

  • Sumerians believed in Many Gods

  • What did the Sumerians accomplish?

  • Sumerians Built grand temples

  • SumeriansDeveloped a writing system

  • SumeriansBuilt cities

  • SumeriansFormed governments ruled by Kings

  • Name some of the Sumerian inventions

  • sailboat

  • Plow

  • Wheel

  • Sumerian ScribesLearned to writeHeld high positions

  • HammurabiWho was he?A Babylonian kingWhat is he know for?Wrote a code of law called the Code of Hammurabi

  • King SolomonWho was he?King of the IsraelitesWhat did he do?Heavily tax the people to pay for his great buildings

  • Hernan CortesSpanish Soldier whoConquered the Aztecs by usingGuns, horses, and an epidemic (a disease that spreads)

  • PachacutiIncan kingWhat type of government did he create?

    a strong central government

  • Ice AgeHow would you describe it?

  • Ice AgeA period of extreme cold when great sheets of ice covered the earth

  • Neolithic AgeWhat is another name for it?

    New Stone Age

    What marked its beginning?

  • Neolithic AgePeople started farming

  • Tigris River/Euphrates RiverWhy do we call it the cradle of civilization?

    Believed to be the location of the first known cities

  • Tigris & Euphrates Rivers

  • Why did people settle along the Tigris and Euphrates RiversConditions were good for farmingSoil was rich due to floodingClimate was hot and dry

  • MesopotamiaWhat does it mean?

    The land between two rivers.

  • Book of the DeadWhat was it?Collection of spells and prayersWhy was it studied?Studied by Egyptians to obtain life after death

  • Nile RiverDescribe it?The longest river in the worldHow did the Egyptians take advantage of the floods?They became successful farmersWhy?Flooding fertilized the soil

  • TorahWhat is it?The Hebrew Holy Book

  • Mayan CivilizationWhere was in located?In a dense forestDescribe the people?Warlike; warriorsWhy did it decline?Conquered by the Spanish explorers

  • Native AmericansWhat was the major cause of death for Native Americans?

    Measles and


  • Mound Builders

  • Mound BuildersWhere were they located?

    Between the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico

  • Mound BuildersWhat did they do?Built huge mounds made of earthWho were they?Hunters and gatherers


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