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  • Math Language

    Letterland ELT Handwriting

    Tracing and Formation of the Upper and Lower Case

    Math Book Classwork/ Math Volume 1 & 2 Letters (Nn – Zz)

    Introduction of Numbers (10-20) Recognition of Letters (Nn – Zz)

    Tracing Numerals (10-20) Letter Sequence Aa-Zz

    Numerical Concepts (10-20) Word Families

    Numbers Sequence Activities (10-20) (an, at, en, ot, in)

    Recognition and Number Formation Phonics Readers

    Rote Counting 1- 60 Book (1, 2, 3)

    Missing Numbers (10-20) High Frequency Words

    What Comes Next (1-20) I, is, it, a, in, the, not, can, and, on, has, yes

    Development and practice of the following skills:

    Eye/Hand Coordination

    Fine Motor Skills

    Pencil Control

    Visual Memory



    Nursery Rhymes Phonics

    Ants Go Marching

    If All the Raindrops Letterland Fix-it Phonics

    Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush Letters Nn-Zz

    Ladybird Ladybird Beginning sounds of the letters

    One two, Buckle my Shoe Association of the pictures to the letters

    Humpty Dumpty Visual recognition of the letters

    Baa Baa Black Sheep Correct pronunciation and fluency of the letters

    I am a Little Teapot

    Hot Cross Bun

    Hickory Dickory Dock

    Old McDonald had a Farm

    Science Quran


    The Human Body



    Food Surah Al Falaq

    Living and Non Living Things


    Sorting Object


    Cutting Activities


    brown, purple, pink, white and black


    oval, star, heart and crescent and diamond

    Pakistan International School Jeddah - English Section

    Final Term Syllabus Outline 2019 - 2020


  • Creative Arts Themes Islamic Studies

    Under the Sea

    Seasons Golden Words-(Alhumdulillah, Jazaak Allahu Khairan

    My Country SubhanAllah, Allahuakbar)

    Planet Earth Duaa Before Sleeping

    All About Me Five Daily Prayers

    To help develop skills in listening for the purpose Dua Before Using the Washroom

    of comprehension Prophets of Allah

    To develop and expand expressive language skills Allah is our Creator

    (Verbal Communication) Ramadan

    To use new vocabulary words correctly within the

    context of play and other classroom activities

    Lesson 1- Oral Work ( 5 - 1االرقام )

    Lesson 2- Oral Work ( 10 - 6االرقام )

    Lesson 3- Oral Work Colours and Fruits Names ( اسماء الفواكه\ اسماء االلوان )

    Lesson 4- Oral Work ( كيف حالك\ وعليكم السالم \ السالم عليكم )

    Lesson 5- Oral Work ( هذه\ ماهذه ؟ \ هذا \ ماهذا ؟ )

    Lesson 6- Oral work مااسمك؟/ ما اسمك ؟

    Lesson 7- Oral work كم عمرك ؟/ كم عمرك ؟

    _______________ ____________________

    Warda Faheem Adnan Nasir

    Deputy Head Junior School Principal


  • دہ پ ااتسکن ارٹن لنشین اوکسل اشلگن نشکیس ج


    راےئ امجع رنرسیمیسقت اصنب ب

    ا ۲۰۲۰: ونجری اقیمت دورسی


    ۲۰۲۰وجنپ ربمن :


    ۶، ۵، ۴ وین دریس اتکب :

    سف ک

    ررڈ ویوینریٹس رپسی(الگب)او

    ری ادعتساد رحتب وصایتت ذریخہ اافلظ وقادع میہفت

    انبوٹ ےس • ت

    اھکلیئرحوف یجہت یک درس

    ا •


    ےئگ اخوکں ںیم رن



    • ت

    ان ےس رشوع رک ےک درس


    ریت ےک ن

    تمس ںیم رحف ےنھکل اک اعترف

    ر یک • رحوف یجہت ےس قلعتم وصتب


    رہ • ے

    حیحص رحف رپ داب

    ر یک رشوع یک آواز انھکل • وصتب

    رحف انھکل • ت

    اخیل ہگج ںیم درس

    ربیت اور • ت

    رحوف یجہت یک ب

    اومں یک اچہپن

    ان ےک پ

    ومظنں ےک ذرےعی ذریخہ اافلظ ںیم •


    ری اہکوینں ےک ذرےعی ذریخہ • وصتب

    اافلظ ںیم ااضہف

    یک اچہپن ں روگن •

    ذریخہ اافلظ یک رصبی ڑپاھیئ •

    )وپری ہرحوف س۔ •

    ااکشل(آوازوں ےک اسھت


    ا،و،ی،ے وطبر وصمہت آواز •

    یک اچہپن


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