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Samples of paintings by artist Podi Lawrence


<ul><li> Paintings<br />by Pod Lawrence<br /></li> <li> Violin section Acrylic and Ink 10 x 12<br /></li> <li> Terry Helmers<br />At the SOCMI<br />Summer camp<br />Ink on Paper<br />20 x 18<br /></li> <li> ViolinistInk &amp; Acrylic10 x 12<br /></li> <li> Students at<br />SOCMI<br />Ink &amp; Acrylic on paper<br />28 x 24<br /></li> <li> DIVA <br />Dee Daniels<br />At the UpTown Waterloo Jazz Fest<br />Acrylic on Paper<br />18 x 14<br /></li> <li> Illustration for the 2009<br />UpTown Waterloo Jazz Festival<br />Ink &amp; Acrylic on Paper<br />18 x 14 <br /></li> <li> Behind the Big Band at the Gala for the<br />UpTown Waterloo Jazz Festival 2007<br />Ink &amp; Acrylic on paper<br />18 x 14<br /></li> <li> Impression of a family photo shoot<br />Oil on Board<br />10 X 10<br /></li> <li> Picnic on Paradise Beach, Mexico<br />Oil on Panel<br />10 x 10<br /></li> <li> Gondola, Venice<br />Oil on Panel<br />20 x 24<br /></li> <li> San Marco Piazza with musical accompaniement, Venice<br />Oil on Board<br />20 x 24<br /></li> <li> Side Canal , Venice Oil on canvas 40 x 48<br /></li> <li> Impromptu Market in <br />Mexico<br />Oil on Panel<br />24x 24<br /></li> <li> Lady with curls<br />Oil on board<br />10 x 8<br /></li> <li> Little Tyke<br />Illustration for publication for the Contemporary Dance Studio, Waterloo, Ontario<br />Ink on Paper<br />10 x 10<br /></li> <li> Portrait of a fellow artist<br />Oil on Board<br />20 x 20<br /></li> <li> David Cheriton<br />Commission for the Waterloo University, faculty of Mathematics.<br />Ink &amp; Acrylic on paper<br />24 x 20<br /></li> <li> Portrait demonstration at class in Ontario<br />Oil on canvas<br />20 x 18<br /></li> <li> Here comes the Bride<br />Commission<br />40 x 28<br /></li> <li> Thespian<br />AnneliesePennycook<br />Demonstration/interview on Rogers Television, Kitchener,Ontario<br />Oil on Canvas<br />36 x 30<br /></li> <li> Nicole in your face<br />Oil on canvas<br />40 x 35<br /></li> <li> All she had to wear?<br />Life study session at <br />Amersham, England<br />24 x 20<br /></li> <li> Life is.?<br />Life study<br />Ink &amp; acrylic on paper<br />20 x 20<br /></li> <li> SHADOWS #3<br />From the latest series of paintings<br />Oil on Canvas<br />24 x 30 <br /></li> <li> SHADOWS #1<br />Oil on canvas<br />23 x 24<br /></li> <li> SHADOWS #6<br />Oil on canvas<br />24 x 24 <br /></li> <li> Contact :<br /></li> </ul>