paintings by contemporary maori artists “the contemporary maori art movement grew out of the...

Download Paintings by Contemporary Maori artists “The contemporary maori art movement grew out of the impact of colonisation and the introduction to new tools,

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  • Paintings by Contemporary Maori artists The contemporary maori art movement grew out of the impact of colonisation and the introduction to new tools, new philosophies, new materials, and the huge social changes partly accepted and partly forced on Maori people. The celebrated maori Leader Te Kooti, was to play a large part in radical changes to Maori art with his painted poupou in his ancestral house RONGOPAI. Another major influence was the world wars when Maori travelled overseas and saw the great artworks of Europe, Africa and Asia. Exposing the world to a Maori race who previously focussed on the insularity of a simple country life, was to create a massive change in the next generation to follow. (quote taken from pg.6 Forever Buck Nin
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  • ko wai te waka e kau mai nei (what is this canoe that swims my way? ) 1976 by Buck Nin
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  • Maori Totem by Buck Nin pen and ink on paper
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  • Return to the Marae by Buck Nin
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  • Te Weu By Hemi Macgregor 2010
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  • Matau # 1 by Hemi Macgregor 2009
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  • Untitled Hemi Macgregor
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  • To Te Whiti by Emare Karaka
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  • E Tiki mai Whaka by Emare Karaka c 1984
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  • Local government Tea party by Emare Karaka
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  • Challenge of the land by Buck Nin C 1976 Acrylic and oil on board
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  • Rakaumangamanga by Robert Ellis Oil on paper
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  • Arepa Omeka by Robert Ellis ( 9 Maehe)
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  • Mahuru / September By Robert Ellis 2005
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  • City river and orange sky By Robert Ellis Oil on canvas 1964
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  • Arepa by Robert Ellis ( 9 Maehe )
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  • lil Btk Tiz by Saffron Te Ratana Mixed media on paper 2001
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  • Close up of painting by Ratana Much of Saffrons work is in response to intuitive ideas about application of paint as a sensual medium in its own right. She combines layers of opaque and transparent colours and images and scraping and scratching back surfaces, drawing over parts with a range of drawing tools.
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  • Tribal Affiliations / groups Ngati Kahungunu, Ngati pahauwera by Sandy Adsett, Acrylic on paper Sandy translates traditional maori artforms such as Taniko, Tukutuku and kowhaiwhai into contemporary abstract and very carefully executed geometric compositions and rh,ythmical compositions that tell stories about maori culture, creation themes, and heritage.
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  • Awhiowhio whirlwind by Sandy Adsett
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  • Kahurangi by Sandy Adsett, acrylic on board
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  • He Rau Kawakawa by Ngataiharuru Taepa 2006 For me kowhaiwhai is an expression of the way our ancestors saw the world in their time. Their achievement using positive and negative spaces, was to have the colours interact simultantaneously. He Rau Kawakawa is a lament and also a celebration of life, of those who have departed. The kawakawa is a medicinal plant and the artist sees this work as a rongoa for those left behind. It reminds him of a WHAKATAUKI pursue the unseen/ unatainable