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Economy & Finance

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1. Get paidfast and simple1 2. What are local payments? A payment from an individual to a local service or organization2 3. For local services, collecting payments is tough 1. Cumbersome manual collection processes 2. Cant easily track payments electronically 3. Getting paid is slow3 4. Consumers want everything from their phone 1. Writing checks is a hassle 2. People dont always carry their checkbooks 3. Checks are hard to track electronically 4. High need to pay and be done V.4 5. A new way Pageonce is a simple way to connect local services to their paying customers Send Money Get Money Consumers Local services and organizations5 6. How does it work? Consumers make payments from Pageonce6 7. Local organizations and businesses collect payment7 8. and can easily track payments8 9. A win-win result 1. Local organizations get a fast and easy way to collect and track payments 2. Customers get a simple and convenient way to make payments9 10. Stone Pouch Wallet Pageonce The Wallet of the Future10