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<p>Major Works Data Sheet Significant Characters NameAmir</p> <p>Page 3</p> <p>Role in StoryAmir is the protagonist and narrator in this story. His role in this story is a son, an author, and towards the end of the book a father to Hassans son.</p> <p>SignificanceAmir is not only significant because he is the main character; he also represents the many themes in the book such as sin and redemption. He shows different scenarios in which morality and integrity are tested, and gives a parallel to how most human beings would react in reality. The author also uses Amirs character to show a transformation from boyhood into adulthood and the psychological and moral changes that go with aging. Amir is different from all other children in Kabul, as he doesnt enjoy soccer or even watching. The one thing he does have in common is his incredible talent of flying kites. Hassan is a Hazara or one who is of the shia sect of the Islamic faith. He represents the extreme social inequality of this book, with his living conditions in a small area outside Baba and Amirs home, and his mistreatment by characters such as Assef and the Taliban, and even Amir. Hassan also represents a moral person that Amir aspires to be, with his loyal personality and selflessness. Baba a character full of pride and a very respectable man in Kabul. He believes in honor and pride, and is confused to why his son has neither of these qualities. He also shows the theme that the sins of the father shadow into their children, when Amir discovers that he is the father of Hassan also and how all his talk of lying being the worst sin has proven Baba to be a hypocrite. Baba is held with very much regard to Amir, and is always trying to be impress his father. Baba never seems to be able to appreciate his son for his good qualities and is always looking for something that he cant find. Assef is the epitome of violence and creates half the theme of violence. He changes Amirs life and proves his cowardice when he is raping Hassan. He also becomes the leader of the Taliban and has Hassans son in his house using him sexually.</p> <p>At least three adjectives that characterizeAmir is selfish Amir is weak Amir is creative</p> <p>Hassan</p> <p>Hassans role in this story is a loyal friend and a servant to Baba and Amir. He is actually Amirs brother, but never finds out.</p> <p>Loyal Selfless and brave.</p> <p>Baba</p> <p>Baba is a businessman and a father to both Hassan and Amir.</p> <p>Babe is prideful Altruistic fierce</p> <p>Assef</p> <p>Assef is the antagonist in this story and the leader of the Taliban in this story. As a youth he is also the bully of the town and is known for his brutal brass knuckles.</p> <p>Violent Sociopathic Hateful.</p>