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<ul><li><p>8/3/2019 Page 12 Luh Nov 11</p><p> 1/1</p><p>12 /Noticias Locales La Ultima Hora , Noviembre, 2011</p><p>MAYOR BROWNS PLAYGROUND AND PARK PROMISE WILL SOON BECOME A</p><p>REALITY FOR MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE RESIDENTSThe City of Buffalos $119,000 investment in this park improvement project is part of the Mayors continued commitment to creating healthy</p><p>and safe neighborhood parks</p><p>BUFFALO West Side children will soon have a new, fun, and safe place to</p><p>play in Buffalo. Today, Mayor Byron W. Brown, community leaders, and West</p><p>Side parents and their children gathered to break ground on Phase One of the</p><p>Massachusetts Avenue Park Renovation Project. The City invested $119,000in city bond funds to make this improvement project possible.</p><p>Healthy parks and playgrounds make neighborhoods stronger, said Mayor</p><p>Brown. This is an investment that will expand green space, and improve the</p><p>quality of life for the residents that live around this formerly vacant lot.</p><p>PUSH Buffalo worked closely with the City to rehab Massachusetts Avenue</p><p>Park. The improvements will include: relocating an improved playground into</p><p>the park proper, the creation of a new entranceway to include new paving</p><p>benches and landscaping. A broken handball court and basketball court will be</p><p>demolished, while grading, soil and seed preparations will lay the groundwork</p><p>for a future athletic field.</p><p>I own a home two blocks from the Park, said PUSH Buffalo Board Member,</p><p>Terry Richard. I have four children and they have never played in this park.Two years ago, I worked with PUSH to get my neighbors together to make a plan for improving it. Were thrilled to finally see our plan</p><p>become a reality because we know what we need where we live! My children cant wait to play in the park next summer. </p><p>The relocation of the playground is</p><p>significant. Its currently located in front</p><p>of the neighboring Boys &amp; Girls Club,</p><p>and situated too close to the street. It</p><p>will be relocated into the park proper,</p><p>offering children a safe place to play.</p><p>I believe every child in my</p><p>neighborhood, including my 5-year-old</p><p>daughter, should get to grow up with</p><p>nice things, like a nice park to play in,said Alba Torres, a parent.So last year</p><p>I joined with PUSH to improve the park</p><p>behind my house. We met with our City</p><p>officials, shared our stories about the</p><p>park and gave them our plan for</p><p>improving it. Now its happening!</p><p>The site once housed a recreational</p><p>center, and pool. When the building</p><p>was destroyed by fire in 2006, the city</p><p>demolished it at a cost of $86,000.</p></li></ul>