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1. Vocabulary
By: Bianca Padilla 6*
2. My brother was such a geek when he bit the head off of a chicken .
3. my uncles tumor was benign so it was not in danger of spreading across his body.
4. A monsoon is coming our way! My father said that the wind system was to come our way causing a big downpour in winter.
5. You stupid sanguinary vampire! Your need made you drink all the blood out of the town!
6. I have much Ruth for those with little money. I wish I could help.
7. I have an antipathic view of onion. I hate them!
8. I saw the quiescence take over the water. It was completely still.
9. The painting has a beautiful way of expressing the panache. The red flowers stood out against the grey skies.
10. Do I really need to castigate you? Or do you know what you did wrong so I dont have to tell you?
11. I am the culpable one. I am the one who stole the cookie, not her.
12. Vindication is so sweet when everyone knows youre innocent!
13. My sister made an analogy that a tree was like a person. But I dont see the likeness between them.
14. I have a platonic love for my friend. We are really close, but no where near sensual!
15. Antipathy is a hard feeling to have towards sweets.Everyone loves them !
16. My cousin is such a coquette, because she always dresses in skimpy outfits just to attract boys attention.
17. I helped mollify my friend today when he was going to get in a fight, but he is perfectly calm now.
18. Chris is a pugnacious person because he wants to start fights with everyone.
19. I had contritethoughts when I stole candy from my friend, so I decided to buy her more.
20. Lori is a virago. She yells at everyone for no reason and is very violent.
21. My cousin is a very adroit person, because he is clever when it comes to everything.