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<ul><li>1.Packing CartonsLittle Things can Make a Big DifferenceExpanded Presentation February 21, 2011 By Philip Vantassel, C.P.M.</li></ul> <p>2. Questions? Who has received packages? Who has received broken items? 3. Why Broken Items? Air the shippers enemy How items are packed The material used to pack 4. How to Calculate Carton Size Size of item being shipped 8.5x11 Maximum weight of carton Client specification Standard is 40 pounds in printing 5. Width and Height Add .125 on all sides Allows items not to get caught up in carton Allows for variation in manufacturing Add additional space is needed when thereare multiple items across the carton Size of item to be packed 8.5x11 11.25 x 8.75 inside carton 6. Calculate Carton Dimensions Length x Width x HeightHeight 12.25Width - 8.75Length - 11.25 7. Depth How are the items packaged? Shrink-wrapped in 250s or 500s Kraft wrapped in 250s Loose Thickness of Item or Package? Weight of item or Package? 8. Calculate Carton Depth Shrink wrap packages are 2 in Height Weight is 6# per package 40#/6=6 packages 6 packages x 2 = 12 + .25 Carton weight = 1# 9. Protect Product Chipboard placed top and bottom Chipboard protects bottom sheets from beingwrinkled/creased from carton flaps. The chipboard allows for smooth transition so bottomsheets do not need to be thrown out The chipboard on the top protects the productfrom the knife so the blade doesnt slice thetop sheets when opening the carton 10. Sealing with Clear Tape Managers choice Saves time Semi-automated machines Saves money Brown/White reinforced tape 11. Weakness of Clear tape Clear tape is the weakest point of carton To improve use reinforced paper tapePaperClear 12. Carton Reinforced Tape Carton will break before tape will give 13. Unstable Skid or Pallet Cartons are more likely tomove on a skid when theyare stacked in straightlines. Increased possibility ofdamage from cartonsshifting or falling duringtransport 14. Pack a Skid or Pallet Brick wall Interlocking 15. Labeling Position Information on the label Color 16. Label Position How is the carton going to be stacked? Place on end that will be facing out See where the customer prefers 17. Label Information Purchase Order number Form number Title of the form Quantity Language Carton number to total number of cartons 18. Label Color Use color labels to differentiate betweenversions of the same form For example: White EnglishYellow - French 19. CartonStrength 20. Carton Material Stamp with carton specifications Size SKU 21. Low Profile Cartons Increased surface to interlock on skid Ability to go through shrink tunnel forinternational shipping specification 22. Carton Shrink Machine Shanklin Form-Flow Wrapper with Heat Shrink Wrapper - Model F3. Package size 4"W 1/8"H x 6"L minimum to 15"W x 6"H x 48"L. 23. No Stack ConesUse Multi Language if shipping over seas </p>