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    Packaging Industry's Sales Surge Freedom from dependence on tin is a i m of indus-

    try's researchers in seeking n e w methods a n d materials

    N E W Y O R K . - T h e packaging industry, whose sales have ballooned to $10 bil-lion annually, now supplies more than 300 billion packages of all types each year. Currently, said American Can's president William C. Stolk at the 16th annual forum of the Packaging Insti-tute, t he industry is concerned with new ways of plastics forming, particu-larly vacuum forming, and in finding materials which will free it from slavery to tin.

    Plastic Sheet Forming. The func-tion of plastics in packaging continues to expand. Idea of sheet-forming, par-ticularly in vinyls and polystyrene, is gaining fast. Formed vinyl sheeting is being applied in packaging individ-ual serving units for fellies, jams, sirup, and ketchup. Serviceable vinyl also packages margarine, butter, and ice cream.

    Polystyrene is handled on a high speed production basis as a result of

    newly developed forming techniques, says Bakelite's T. W. Sharp. This should open many markets for this ma-terial in packaging. Of immediate in-terest may be formed tops for card-board food containers.

    Polyethylene so far has not kept pace in the sheet forming field, due primarily to insufficient production. However, it will have to be reckoned with in the future. Plastics used in formed pack-ages are cellulose acetate, cellulose ace-tate butyrate, polystyrene, vinyl, and polyethylene.

    Aerosols. Glass aerosols for dis-pensing perfumes and cosmetics are re-ceiving much attention. Previous diffi-culties in aerosol packaging of pharma-ceuticals in glass and metal are being overcome by wha t Francis A. Mina of Zonite Products calls the ultra-low pres-sure system employing high concentra-tions of alcohol.

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