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wolfs going hunting


  • Once there was a pack of skilled wolves out on the hunt to survive. They wondered far away from their original hunting grounds. The wolves were travelling away for a special event that happened once every year.

  • The wolves started to pick up a scent in the chilling frosty air. They could smell bison.

  • The wolves started reacting straight away, not giving any thought on how to hunt the wooly beasts. They followed their noses until they came upon the herd and upon arriving charged at the bison at a ferocious pace.

  • However the bison sensed something was astray and reacted to the attacking wolves before any harm was done. The bison began to charge at the approaching wolves.

  • The wolves retreated due to the bisons counter attack. They had failed in providing any food for their young- waiting back home to be fed.

  • A year had past and the puppys had grown up. This year it was their turn to collect the food for their families. Except now they had thought of a plan! These wolves were going to come back home with more meat for their pups than ever before!

  • As they set out on their journey they grouped up and started to trot. Two days later they started to pick up the scent of the woolly haired bison.

  • They started the formation they had planned for the bison attack. The wolves eventually found the bison and went into action. Some of the

  • wolves distracted the bison while the others ran behind and attacked them by surprise.

    As the pack attacked, they used stealth and careful bites while

  • avoiding getting hurt as they killed the bison.

  • The hunt was successful and the wolves managed to kill almost all the bison.

  • When the wolves returned home with all the meat for their family they had a massive feast and didnt go hungry for the next three months.