p10503 – flat plate xerography

P10503 – Flat Plate P10503 – Flat Plate Xerography Xerography Detailed Design Review Amar Mohamed Ben Nguyen Dan Prosser Adam Regula Steve Snyder

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P10503 – Flat Plate Xerography. Detailed Design Review Amar Mohamed Ben Nguyen Dan Prosser Adam Regula Steve Snyder. Agenda. Project Overview Customer Needs Engineering Specs Concept Selection Test Plan System Testing Results Objective Project Evaluation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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P10503 – Flat Plate P10503 – Flat Plate XerographyXerography

Detailed Design ReviewAmar MohamedBen NguyenDan ProsserAdam RegulaSteve Snyder

Page 2: P10503 – Flat Plate Xerography

AgendaAgendaProject OverviewCustomer NeedsEngineering SpecsConcept SelectionTest PlanSystem Testing ResultsObjective Project EvaluationConclusions and Considerations

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Customer NeedsCustomer Needs

Page 4: P10503 – Flat Plate Xerography

Engineering SpecsEngineering SpecsEngineering Specs and Variable Quantities Red quantities are recommended for good results

Some recommended ranges reference other parameters using brackets

Subsystem Parameter Units Controllable? Recommended Range Subsystem Output?

ChargingPhotoreceptor Velocity mm/s Y 80-120 (110) N

ChargingCoronode Current μA Y -1800 (-1800) N

Charging Grid Voltage V Y >=-650 (-800) N

Charging Spacing mm Y 1-2 N

Charging Stray Light erg Y Minimize N

Charging Temperature °F N   N

Charging Humidity %RH N   N

ChargingPhotoreceptor Thickness μm N 25N


Initial Photoreceptor voltage V N -50 N

Charging Final Voltage V Y ~=[6] Y

ChargingOzone/Nox Generation g or ml N Minimize Y

* Sample

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Concept SelectionConcept SelectionDark enclosureWhite LEDsDAQInterface

Page 6: P10503 – Flat Plate Xerography

Dark EnclosureDark Enclosure

Page 7: P10503 – Flat Plate Xerography

######White LEDs######White LEDs[picture goes here]

Page 8: P10503 – Flat Plate Xerography


Page 9: P10503 – Flat Plate Xerography

Test PlanTest Plan

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11Project Planning And Execution

Documentation of Testing and Results

Install DAQBuild Dark Enclosure

Detailed Design Project Review

Testing and Refinement (Design Verification)

Charge Station: Measure Charge

Expose: Measure light Intensity

Development: Quality picture of photoreceptor

Pre-Transfer: Measure light Intensity

Transfer: Quality picture of photoreceptor

Measure Dark DecayExpose: Half Mask

ExposureDevelopment : Mass on

MylarPre-Transfer: Measure

Voltage Drop Transfer: Mass on Paper

Exposure: Measure voltage Drop w/ + w/o


Technical PaperPublished Proceedings

PosterPoster Presentation

Project Design File

Individual Participation

Page 10: P10503 – Flat Plate Xerography

#####Testing Results#####Testing Results

Page 11: P10503 – Flat Plate Xerography

Project EvaluationProject Evaluation

Page 12: P10503 – Flat Plate Xerography

Project EvaluationProject Evaluation

Page 13: P10503 – Flat Plate Xerography

Conclusions & Conclusions & ConsiderationsConsiderationsToner on paperVacuum PlatenReplace pneumatic lift system

with electronic actuatorsTesting to determine optimal

system parameters